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How to access the new and old GrapeCity License Manager


This article discusses how to access the new and old License Manager.

Steps to Complete:

1. New License Manager (AR14 or higher):

- You get the new GrapeCity License Manager (gclm.exe) when you install ActiveReports 14 or higher

- C:\ProgramData\GrapeCity\gclm

- When you open gclm.exe, you will be given the option to update your GrapeCity License Manager 

- This update will change your License Manager shortcut to the path of glcm.exe

- This will not remove the old License Manager (GrapeCity.LicenseManager.exe) from your machine

1. Old License Manager (AR7-AR13):

- You can access the old License Manager (GrapeCity.LicenseManager.exe) in the same path it was in before

- C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\GrapeCity\Components

- If you need to install the old License Manager, download and install any version of ActiveReports from v7 - v13


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