How to add a multi-value parameter to your report


This article discusses how to add a multi-value parameter.

Steps to Complete:

  • In the Report Explorer, right-click the Data Source and select Add Data Set.

  • In the DataSet dialog, select the Query

  • Enter an SQL query in the Querytext box like below:

SELECT DISTINCT ProductName FROM Products 

  • Click OK

  • In the Report Explorer, right-click Parameters and select Add Parameter.

  • In the Report - Parameters dialog, add a name for the parameter. Ex: ReportParameter1.

  • Ensure that the Data type matches that of the field.  In this case we would use String for ProductName.

  • Enter some text in the Text for prompting users for a value field. Ex: Select the product names

  • Select the checkbox next to Multivalue to allow users to select more than one item from the list.

  • In the Value for 'Select All'option, enter '1'.

  • Go to the Available Values tab and select the From query radio button.

  • Under the Dataset field, select the dataset that was created.

  • Under the Value and Label fields, select the field productName.

  • Click OK

  • In the Report Explorer, right-click the added Data Source and select Add Data Set

  • In the DataSet Dialog, goto Parameters and click the Add button,

  • Add the following values to the new Parameter:



  • Click the add button again and enter the following:



  • Go to the Query page and enter the following:

SELECT * FROM products where ProductName in (?) OR ‘1’ in (?) 

  • Select the Validate DataSet icon to validate the query

  • Click Ok and then select the Preview tab to preview the report



Evan Warren