How to format individual values in a textbox


When you set font formatting on a textbox, it applies the formatting (bold, italics, underline, etc) to every word and value in the textbox, rather than just one individual word or value.

Steps to Complete (There are two ways to approach this):

1. Use separate textboxes. For example, take this sentence: The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy To achieve this formatting in ActiveReports, one could use multiple textboxes, with the first textbox value being “The “, the second being “quick “, formatted as bold, another textbox with “brown fox “, followed by a textbox with “jumps” formatted as underlined, and so on. So, each formatted word would have its own textbox.

2. A more efficient way would be to use a FormattedText control. This control looks like a textbox but takes XHTML instead of plain text. So, you could use this XHTML to display the example sentence correctly:


The <strong>quick </strong> brown fox <u>jumps</u> over the <i>lazy </i> dog.


Tyler Barlock