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How use Bookmarks in an RDL or Page report


This article discusses how to use Bookmarks in ActiveReports

Steps to Complete: (refer to the template)

In your report explorer, select Line1 (this should be a horizontal line on the design surface)

Select the “Property dialog…” that is located below the properties for Line1

Within the dialog, go to Navigation and in the Bookmark ID combo box type Link Horizontal Line

Click Ok and select TextBox1 in the report explorer and select the Property dialog for TextBox1

Within the dialog, go to Navigation and select the Jump to bookmark radio button

Underneath that radio button in the combo box type Link Horizontal Line like we did with for the Line1 control

Click Ok and then click the Preview tab

Drag your mouse over the TextBox that says “Goto the Horizontal Line” in the output and click it

You should then be taken to where the horizontal line (Line1 control) is located on the report output, which is on page 2 of the output


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