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Use SuperLabelField in a FlexReport


Using a FlexReport (converted from C1Report) with C1.Win.FlexReport.CustomFields.SuperLabel in a Windows application using 4.5 version dlls, shows the error "Could not load field of type [C1.Win.FlexReport.CustomFields.4.5.2,C1.Win.FlexReport.CustomFields.SuperLabel], fields of this type may not be supported in this edition of FlexReport." in the field instead of showing the HTML text.

Steps to Complete:

1. Though the application has "C1.Win.FlexReport.CustomFields.4.5.2.dll" added as a reference, note that the custom fields are loaded from a dll whose name is explicitly specified in the .flxr file. In this case, the original .flxr has:

2. The assembly name "C1.Win.FlexReport.CustomFields.4" needs to be updated to 4.5.2 version name:

3. This can be done by opening the flxr file using a text editor and looking for the above-mentioned tag.

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