• Cross-platform

    A cross-platform solution to view PDF documents on Windows, MAC, Linux, iOS, and Android devices in all modern browsers.

  • Support Advanced PDF Specification Features

    Open and view attachments from viewer, navigate through outlines, page labels, and article threads.

  • Supported Viewer Features

    Supports popular Document Viewer features to view and navigate through various documents.

  • Integrate with GrapeCity Documents for PDF (GcPdf)

    Utilize the power of our server-side API. With GcPdf and the client-side GcDocs PDF Viewer, you can achieve full-fledged PDF needs for your application.

  • Web Framework Support

    Embed the PDF Viewer in any of the major web frameworks–Angular, Vue, ASP.NET Core, ASP.NET MVC, HTML5, React, and Preact.

  • Supported Editor Features

    Edit PDF documents with annotations, design PDF forms, and modify existing PDF documents with advanced editing options.

  • Advanced Text Search

    Search long documents with specific search terms or patterns. Match case, whole word, starts with, ends with, proximity search, and wildcard search are supported.

Explore the Advanced Features PDF API

Each main feature demo link listed below contains several demos that show how to use a particular feature. Click a link to learn more.
JavaScript PDF PDF Viewer and Editor

PDF Viewer and Editor

View PDF documents in a fast, modern JavaScript-based PDF viewer and editor that works in all major browsers.

Graphical Signatures

Graphical Signatures

Type, Draw or add Image signatures on PDF documents through the new Signature tool. Save Signatures, customise Signature dialog and more.

JavaScript PDF JavaScript PDF Viewer

Real-time Collaboration

Edit documents in Collaboration mode in GcPdfViewer. Allow multiple people from various geographic locations to edit, comment, change, and add data as necessary.

Customize PDF Viewer UI

Customize PDF Viewer UI

Customise different parts of GcPdfViewer, as per your business needs. Customise toolbar item with different svg icon, change viewer theme using CSS styles, Localise viewer in any language and more.

JavaScript PDF Viewer Lease Agreement Customer Input

Custom Input

Implement new HTML5 input types with validation to view, fill, and submit forms online using JavaScript and GrapeCity Documents PDF Viewer.

JavaScript PDF Viewer Form Filler Real Estate Agreement

PDF Fillable Forms on Any Device

Customize field labels, fine-tune the input controls' behavior, and add additional input validation, regardless of inline validation or field label information. The responsive design provides compatibility for large and small screen sizes.

JavaScript PDF Viewer Comment and Reply

Comment and Reply

Review your PDF documents in collaboration with other team members. The editor now includes the Text Annotation Comment and Reply tool to add and review comments, usernames, and comment status.

JavaScript PDF Viewer Designer Feature

Designer Features

Copy and paste form fields or annotations on the JavaScript PDF document using the shortcut keys or clone button. PDF Editor also includes snap lines and margins to check alignment.

JavaScript PDF Annotations

Annotations Editor

Review and mark important information with annotations. Add, modify, or remove annotations from new or existing PDF documents. Apply annotation properties, comment, reply, hide annotations, and redact PDF documents with the annotation editor.

JavaScript PDF Viewer Emergency Form Fill-In Data

Form Editor

Create new PDF forms from scratch, collect data directly into the PDF form, fill in data from external sources, modify form fields from new or existing PDF documents, or add JavaScript functionality to PDF forms.

Link Annotations

Link Annotations

Add Link annotation over existing text, image, area in the PDF document . Set URL, Destination, Action or a JS Action type link over the PDF document or other annotation.

Stamp Annotation

Stamp Annotation

Add image on PDF Documents through the new Stamp annotation. You can also drag/drop image from a local folder or remote url.

GcPDF Viewer License Options

The GrapeCity Documents PDF Viewer introduces an option for viewer licenses. Users can now upgrade to the Professional Viewer License, enabling features such as document editing, PDF form-filling, and collaborative editing capabilities. The Standard Viewer License is included with the purchase of GcPDF and comes with all standard features, including PDF viewing, searching, and more.

A more detailed comparison is below and helps determine what GcPDF Viewer license plan is the best option for you.

Standard Viewer License

The standard viewer option and view features are included with every GcPdf license purchase.

Visit: Configure GcPdfViewer for Standard Features

View topic 'How to License GcPdfViewer'

Professional Viewer License

Includes all Standard GcPDF Viewer version features plus:

  • Create or edit annotations
  • Redact PDF documents
  • Add or modify form fields
  • Editing tools-cut, copy, paste, and alignment
  • Add and reply to comments
  • PDF form filler
  • Collaboration
  • Licensed per hostname

The Professional Viewer is licensed per each separate Hostname. Subdomains are also considered separate Hostnames. Available purchasing options include:

  • Individual Hostname(s)
  • Single Domain (*.domain)
  • Unlimited Domains (.)

The professional viewer features require the use of a SupportApi property. The GcPDF professional viewer must connect to a server.

Requires GcPdf license and additional fee to access Professional features.

Visit: Configure GcPdfViewer for Professional Features

View topic 'How to License GcPdfViewer'

Contact sales at us.sales@grapecity.com for additional information on pricing or licensing.

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