• Cross-Platform

    Cross platform solution to view PDF documents on Windows, MAC, Linux, iOS, and Android devices in all modern browsers.

  • Specification Features

    Open and view attachments from viewer, navigate through outlines, page labels, and article threads.

  • Viewer Features

    Supports popular Document Viewer features to view and navigate through the documents.

  • PDF Integration

    Use the power of our server-side GcPdf API and client-side GcDocs PDF Viewer, to achieve maximum solutions that fit your application needs.

  • Web Frameworks

    Embed the PDF Viewer in any of the major web frameworks Angular, Vue, ASP.NET Core, ASP.NET MVC, HTML5, React, and Preact.

  • Editor Features

    Edit PDF documents with annotations, design PDF Forms, and modify existing PDF documents with advanced editing options.

  • Advanced Text Search

    Search documents with specific terms or patterns. Match words, starts with, ends with, proximity search, and wildcard search.

HTML5 Input Types

Custom input types like dates, telephone numbers, URLs, emails, and passwords are supported with drop-downs generated from GcPdf, GcExcel, and viewed in GcPdfViewer.

Annotations Editor

Add and edit annotations from standard PDF specifications in PDF documents through a wide range of supported annotation properties including sound messages.

Form Editor

Add PDF form fields from standard PDF specifications in PDF documents. Edit existing form fields through a wide range of supported Form field properties.

JavaScript Actions

Supports JavaScript actions related to form fields, buttons, and documents.

Text Selection

Left-to-right, right-to-left, and vertical text can be selected in the viewer through the text selection caret.

Print Options

The viewer provides the option to rotate the document pages. The rotated document can be directly printed from the viewer through the print option.

GcPDF Viewer License Options

The GrapeCity Documents PDF Viewer introduces an option for viewer licenses. Users can now upgrade to the Professional Viewer License, enabling features such as document editing, PDF form-filling, and collaborative editing capabilities. The Standard Viewer License is included with the purchase of the GcPDFViewer and comes with all standard features, including PDF viewing, searching, and more.

A more detailed comparison is below and helps determine what GcPDF Viewer license plan is the best option for you.

Standard Viewer License

The standard viewer option and view features are included with every GcPdf license purchase.

Visit: Configure GcPdfViewer for Standard Features

View topic 'How to License GcPdfViewer'

Professional Viewer License

Includes all Standard GcPDF Viewer version features plus:

  • Create or edit annotations
  • Redact PDF documents
  • Add or modify form fields
  • Editing tools-cut, copy, paste, and alignment
  • Add and reply to comments
  • PDF form filler
  • Collaboration
  • Licensed per hostname

The Professional Viewer is licensed per each separate Hostname. Subdomains are also considered separate Hostnames. Available purchasing options include:

  • Individual Hostname(s)
  • Single Domain (*.domain)
  • Unlimited Domains (.)

The professional viewer features require the use of a SupportApi property. The GcPDF professional viewer must connect to a server.

Requires GcPdf license and additional fee to access Professional features.

Visit: Configure GcPdfViewer for Professional Features

View topic 'How to License GcPdfViewer'

Contact sales at us.sales@grapecity.com for additional information on pricing or licensing.

Explore the Advanced Features PDF API

Each main feature demo link listed below contains several demos that show how to use a particular feature. Click a link to learn more.
Combine multiple features of GcPdf to work with PDFs in scenarios that might exist in real life applications.
This quick tutorial walks you through the basics to create a simple "Hello, World!" app that uses GcPdf to generate and save a PDF file.
Set document properties for a PDF version, document information and metadata.
Create, initialize and use the FontCollection class to manage and use when rendering texts.
Annotations are extra information associated with a particular point and created in GcPDF.
Create AcroForm fields, submit data forms to a server, import XML data, and import data form submitted on the client to a PDF.
Review the basics of rendering text in GcPDF (DrawString and DrawTextLayout), character formatting, paginated text, text trimming, word, character wraps and much more.
Design magazine style, multi-column page layout with balanced columns and outlines.
Create text links to a URL, add outline entries, linked thumbnails to full-sized images, article threads, and destinations.
Generate pages of slides from all images in a directory.
Use linear and radial gradient brushes.
Convert HTML files or strings to PDF, or add fragments of HTML to PDF documents along with other content.
Render samples of all barcode symbologies supported by the GcBarcode library.
Create tagged (structured) PDFs and attach to individual paragraphs.
Load existing PDF into GcPdfDocument, and see how their content can be inspected or extracted.
Attach photos, text, drawings, and files (including AcroForm) to a PDF.
Remove content from PDF documents.
Digitally sign PDFs, inspect signature properties, or remove existing signatures.
Merge several PDFs into one document. Render pages of one PDF into another.
Print page headers and footers in PDF documents.
Save PDF to a multi-page TIFF, JPEG, PNG, GIF or BMP images.
Encrypt/Decrypt PDF Documents.
View working with other miscellaneous features in PDF Document.
View PDF documents in a fast, modern JavaScript based PDF viewer and Editor that runs in all major browsers.
Load, view and submit PDF Forms with custom HTML5 input types
Edit documents in Collaboration mode in GcPdfViewer.
Form filler customized in JS code for a particular PDF forms
Samples in this group load various PDF forms into the GcPdfViewer.

What's New

What's New in GcPDF Viewer

    Collaboration Mode – allows multiple people from multiple geographic locations the opportunity to edit, comment, change, and add data as necessary.
    New Custom HTML5 Input Types in PDF Forms – Add in new input types into PDF Forms like Telephone number, Email ID, URL, Month, Week, Number, Range, etc.
    PDF Form Filler - It is now possible to customize field labels, fine-tune the input controls' behavior, and add additional input validation, even if the PDF does not have inline validation or field label information.

What's New