GrapeCity Documents Report Templates

Generate professional data-bound Excel, Word and PDF reports with complex layouts using the GrapeCity Documents product family.


Why Use GrapeCity Documents for Excel, Word, and PDF Report Generation?

Automate Excel (.xlsx), Word (.docx), and PDF (.pdf) report generation to reduce errors and save time by binding Excel, Word, and HTML templates to various data sources using comprehensive GrapeCity Documents APIs available for ExcelWord, and PDFGrapeCity Documents can create complex report layouts with the ease and convenience of mustache syntax, eradicating the need to learn a complex API for using reports in your .NET 6, .NET 5, .NET Core, .NET Framework, and Xamarin cross-platform applications.

Bind to Multiple Data Sources

Bind templates to different data sources including JSON, DataSet, arrays, and custom objects.

Support for Various Document Formats

Work with Excel, Word, and HTML templates to generate data reports in various formats.


Reduce Human Error

Avoid manually copy-pasting information into templates.

Automate Document Generation to Save Time

Automated document generation can save time and money on creating and managing documents, giving you more time to spend on growing your business.

Generate Professional Looking Reports

Use standard tools like MS Word/Google Docs/third-party document editors to design templates with no plugins or extra tools required. Process templates and convert them to full professional-looking reports.

GrapeCity Document APIs - Zero Dependencies

Zero Dependencies

Generate template documents in your .NET applications without any dependencies on Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Word, or Excel. Build your documents even faster with zero dependencies.

Key Features of GrapeCity Documents Report Templates

  1. Fast, powerful, and comprehensive APIs: Generate Excel, Word and PDF reports using Excel, Word and HTML templates and make use of feature-rich object model of GcDocs APIs

  2. Advanced Document Processing .NET API: Modify reports, dynamically insert data, images, tables in your reports. Refresh your reports Process() method seamlessly. Changes in the database will reflect on your reports–keeping them updated at all times.

  3. No-code Template Syntax: Easily define Excel or Word Templates with a simple mustache syntax in Microsoft Excel or Word to bind the data fields with the database.

  4. Reporting Features Supported: Supports lists, tables, loops, nested data, conditionally hide data blocks, formatters to display data for Word. For Excel, ability to expand data horizontally or vertically, calculate formulas over cell range, merge, sort and group data are available.

Sample Templates and Data

Learn more about the Excel, Word, and HTML to PDF templates, and download our sample templates with data below.

Excel Templates: Employee Scheduling

Automate Excel report generation and reduce human error by binding Excel templates with data using GrapeCity Documents for Excel API (.NET & Java).

PDF Reports: Product Price Lists

Bind HTML Templates to data and convert to PDF reports using GrapeCity Documents for PDF API.

Word Templates: Closing Disclosure Forms

Generate professional Word reports by designing Word templates in MS Word/Google Docs/third party document editors and bind with data using Grapecity Documents for Word API.

Sample Type: Excel Template + JSON

Construction Proposal

Excel Template + JSON

Sample Type: Excel template + JSON

Employee Absence Schedule

Excel Template + JSON

Sample Type: Excel Template + JSON

Financial Dashboard

Excel Template + JSON

Sample Type: Excel Template + JSON

Medical Report

Excel Template + JSON

Sample Type: Excel Template + JSON

Sales Tracker

Excel Template + JSON

Sample Type: HTML Template + XML

Product Price List

HTML Template + XML

Lease Agreement - Word template with XML data

Lease Agreement

Word Template + XML

Type: Word template + XML


Word Template + XML

Type: Word + XML

Employment Contract

Word Template + XML

Sample Type: Word Template + XML

Rental Agreement

Word Template + XML

Sample Type: Word Template + JSON

Closing Disclosure

Word Template + JSON