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Let's Build Something Mobile! Session 1 Recap

Thanks to everyone who attended!  Below you can download the session materials:

Implementing Filtering & Sorting on C1TrueDbGrid bound to Business Objects

More often than not, with C1TrueDbGrid bound to a business object, users face issues with filter and sort. Ideally, sort is implemented on a field in underlying DataSource (if bound to a dataSet/DataView, ). This happens whenever user clicks on any Column header bound to that field. And the sort happens by comparing values of same datatype in the underlying field. Well, the same doesn't happen with a List.

Exporting Wijmo GridView to Excel

Wijmo GridView does not provide a method to export excel file. This blog explains a simple approach to save Wijmo GridView in a excel file. You can use the same approach for C1WebUI GridView as well.

Adding Vertical and Horizontal Lines in C1Report

C1Report offers to create various reports either in un-bound or bound mode. The control offers 'n' number of formatting options that help the customers to create the reports as per their requirement.

Extending Time Functions in C1Report

VbScript does not support native arithmetic operations like Sum/Difference on Time /DateTime objects. This makes a situation a bit complex when applying direct VbScript functions (SUM/DIFF) on fields of type Time/DateTime in C1Report.

Using the ComponentOne Excel for Silverlight Control with LightSwitch

Online Demo: http://lightswitchhelpwebsite.com/Demos/ExpenseReport.aspx

C1NavigationList in Right to Left Direction

C1NavigationList by default opens up from Left to Right. But in case if someone wants to render text from right to left and have the transition from right to left then please go through the blog below.

Implementing Styles and Cell Merging in C1Excel

C1Excel provides functionality to apply styles and merge cells, rows, and columns. This blog shows the implementation of merging and styling in C1Excel.

View PDF files within WinForms applications

This blog discusses method to view pdf files in Winform application that can be done by porting currently available WPF C1PDFViewer into Winform.

Implementing Subtotals, Loading particular sheet in C1Excel

In this blog, two recently added features are being discussed :

Showing Master Detail data with C1Chart for WPF

There are situations when we need the chart to act as a drilldown data chart. For example, when we click  on a data-point we need to show some more underlying data, associated with that point.

CodeMash Recap

What a great start to the new year.  The ComponentOne team (Rich Dudley, Greg Lutz, Justin Mack, and myself) traveled to Sandusky, Ohio for CodeMash  We had a great booth location, and were able to meet tons of attendees who were walking between keynotes, lunches, and sessions.

Online Workshops: Let's Build Something Mobile!

Microsoft & ComponentOne Present "No Developer Left Behind: A Hands-On-Workshops for Windows Phone"

Adding Custom Toolbar Button in Preview Controls

The two most important controls offered by C1Reports to view C1Report or C1PrintDocument contents are :

Olap Grid: Customizations using C1FlexGrid Part II

C1FlexGrid has always been quite easy to use, be it manipulation of Grid Styles, or exporting data to different file formats. Since ComponentOne Olap For Winforms uses the same inherent controls, like I said before, anything that can be done with C1FlexGrid can be done with OlapGrid as well, to some extent.

ComponentOne Licensing

The Licensing process of our ComponentOne controls is fairly simple. The application should have a licenses.licx file containing the licensing information and the license key should be activated on the machine.

Custom PrintDialog in WPF C1DocumentViewer

When document with landscape layout is printed on a physical printer using the C1DocumentViewer, it is always printed as portrait. The orientation can only be changed manually when user selects the print orientation as Landscape in the printdialog. The issue is mainly because of the inherent MS DocumentViewer and there  aren't a lot of options to customize the default printdialog that pops up when print button is clicked. However, no issue is observed while printing on XPS printer.

C1NavigationList as TreeView

On a number of occasions, you wish you had something like a treeview for the iPhone where you could expand and collapse items. C1NavigationList makes it possible as it supports a number of ItemTypes (eg. HeaderItem, InputItem, GroupItem, etc).

C1TrueDbGrid : Selecting ChildNodes in GroupBy mode

With C1TrueDbGrid in GroupBy mode, many users wish to select all child rows within a certain Group, when they click on that GroupHeader. And, a few have reported having a hard time implementing this. With the grid in GroupBy mode, any row being clicked on, may/may not have the same index in the underlying DataTable. Hence, the Row selection gets a bit tricky.