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OLAP for Silverlight Beta Update Available


OLAP for Silverlight 2011 v1 Preview

The first release of ComponentOne OLAP for Silverlight is right around the corner! You can download the latest Beta bits and get a full look at everything the official release will include. This blog post details some of the new(er) features added since the original Beta launch.

Tips for Running a Community Azure Boot Camp

Azure Boot Camps are being held all around the world, but if one isn't being held close to you, you're definitely not out of luck-these events are designed to put on by the community, too.  Brian Prince has done an excellent job of organizing the content and making it easy to put on one of these events.  The recent Azure Boot Camp Pittsburgh was a community event, and I came away with some notes I think will help other people who want to hold their own Azure Boot Camp.

Windows to the left of me, Silverlight to the right, you’re not stuck in the middle

It’s a busy February, there are at least three free learning tours going on right now.  There are many opportunities to learn Silverlight, Windows 7, MVC and jQuery.  Check the schedules and see if there’s an event nearby, then go out and learn something.  At two of these events, we’ve upped the ante a little—you can win a ComponentOne Studio of your choice.  Here are your opportunities:

Adding Template Controls to C1Toolbar

Working with C1ToolBar in design mode, dragging and dropping controls onto a Page's design surface and adding template items using smart tag, it's easy to forget that it's just a convenience. Anything you do graphically in Visual Studio always generates text in some file somewhere. When you add a template control to any toolbar item, some code is generated that instantiates the control and adds it to the page.

Google Analytics with C1Silverlight

The Microsoft Silverlight Analytics Framework (MSAF) is a set of behaviors used in Expression Blend to enable scenarios for web analytics within Silverlight applications. It uses existing analytics services (such as Google Analytics and EQATEC) along with common Silverlight controls. There are a number of different types of services which track different types of information. Some track interaction, media, performance, duration and even site demographics. With interaction services you can basically track certain events that happen in your application, such as when a button is clicked or a listbox selection is changed. ComponentOne Studio for Silverlight controls support the most common interaction service supplied by the Silverlight Analytics Framework. We've exposed the specific event handlers in our controls that you may want to track.

Building UI with jQuery and Wijmo

We just finished up a Webcast on Wijmo! This session demonstrates how to use jQuery, jQuery UI and Wijmo to build killer User Interfaces. We walk through everything from making a simple Menu to building a dashboard with Charts and Grids.

Custom WYSIWYG Printing of C1Schedule

C1Schedule includes a printing feature which enables users to get quick printouts of appointments based upon a selected print style and print range. This default printing and previewing uses C1PrintDocument and C1PrintPreviewDialog via reflection, and it uses scripts to design each printing style. The printout styles are designed to be printer-friendly, that is, they are more basic looking than the C1Schedule on the form, i.e. they lack color, and if your schedules are fairly busy, the printouts don't show long or overlapping appointments exactly the same as they appear on screen. The default printing is designed to be very basic and is limited by what scripting is possible in the xml documents.

Using C1Chart with MVVM

C1Chart for WPF can be used with the MVVM design pattern. The concept applied is the same as you would use for other data-aware controls. The ViewModel should expose the collection and binding properties and all these can easily be set in XAML of the Chart view. In this article I will walk you through the basic steps to bind the chart in MVVM pattern.

Recap: CodeMash Influencer Summit

On Jan 11, just prior to CodeMash, a gathering of regional community influencers was held.  This summit featured a panel of four prominent influencers from different language interests, with Jeff Blankenburg moderating.  The bios below greatly shortchange the panelists’ accomplishments

Drag Excel Files on C1FlexGrid

When loading Excel files in Windows applications, the most commonly used option is to use Streams to read/write the files. Another easier method would be dragging the excel file directly from the explorer onto the grid.

MVVM Commanding in Silverlight with C1Toolbar

ComponentOne Studio for Silverlight includes more than just the 50 or so UI controls you see in your toolbox. It also includes many little useful components which help bridge the narrow gap between Silverlight and WPF. Among these extra helpers is a set of commanding classes similar to WPF. C1Command allows you to write commands that not only work in-line with MVVM but are designed to enhance ComponentOne menus and toolbars. In this article I delve a bit into MVVM design patterns for commanding in Silverlight and show how using C1Command with C1Toolbar makes life simple.

C1TrueDbGrid Binding to BindingList Implementing INotifyPropertyChanged Interface

The most commonly used data binding in C1TrueDbGrid is binding the grid to the List<> collection. And the most commonly faced problem in C1TrueDbGrid is that the updations to the collection at runtime are not shown on the grid.

C1TrueDbGrid Binding to BindingList Implementing INotifyPropertyChanged Interface

The most commonly used data binding in C1TrueDbGrid is binding the grid to the List<> collection. And the most commonly faced problem in C1TrueDbGrid is that the updations to the collection at runtime are not shown on the grid.

Building multiple column displays in MVC

Looping through a list of objects to display a table of the items is easy in MVC. All you need to do is: 1: <table>

Are you #NotAtCodeMash? Get the swag anyway!

Are you #NotAtCodeMash, but still want the coolest swag?  Act quick and it’s yours!  The first 10 people to follow ComponentOne (so we can DM the winners) and tweet “Less code, more business logic with @ComponentOne http://c1.ms/fAvE3N Please RT” will be sent a swag pack with the same goodies you’d get if you visited our booth.  We have limited supplies at CodeMash, so you may score some loot not everyone gets.  BTW—readers of my blog got this announcement one hour before I tweeted about it.