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Drill-down Charts using LINQ

In this blog sample we'll perform dynamic grouping and summing of data to create drill-down charts using LINQ.

Silverlight 101: Back to the Basics Code Camp Talk

Thanks to everyone who attended my talk on Silverlight 101: Back to the Basics.  You can now download my slides, script and code sample from the talk.

Creating DataTemplates in code using LINQ to XML

In the wonderful world of WPF development there are some things that are easier to do code and some things better left to XAML. For instance, in my previous webcast Charting 101, most of the work was done in C# code but the DataTemplates were done in XAML. I prefer to do most of my work in code so that it's all in one place, but creating a DataTemplate is something that is much easier to do in XAML. Plus, they can be loaded from code and assigned to other dynamic elements at runtime without much problem. But you might find yourself in a scenario where you need to completely generate a DataTemplate programmatically. How can you do it?

Which to build: Native or Web iPhone App?

I am here at iPhone Dev Conn in sunny San Diego and just wrapped up my lightning talk on the hot debate of whether to start developing a native iPhone app or mobile web app. I feel strongly on the subject and it seemed like most attendees here liked the idea. So here it is...

Charting 101 – Webcast

Watch the video and download the samples used in the webcast.

OLAP Reports

ComponentOne OLAP for WinForms is a suite of 5 controls used to provide data analysis in the form of pivot tables and charts. With its ad-hoc view creating abilities, you can deliver an endless amount of data views to end-users. This limitless analysis yields less code maintenance for adding new views requested by users down the road.

The State of Web Development in VS2010

In case you missed my webcast on MSDN, here are the video and slides. This webcast covered all of the different web development options we have in VS2010. We also take a look at how web development has evolved and exploded into a really rich set of options. It is worth a look if you are trying to wrap your head around everything in vs2010.