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You don't have to package all of your images into your Silverlight application. It's quite possible to load images from a Web server.

MultiColumn Sorting in ComponentOne TrueDbGrid

There comes a time where you may find yourself wanting to sort multiple columns based on a sort condition to display data. The C1Flexgrid has an "AllowSorting" property, which defines whether the sorting is to be applied on Single Columns or MultipleColumns. In C1TrueDbGrid this can be achieved by disabling the in-built sorting and applying Custom sorting.

WPF C1DataGrid Cell Animaton

WPF binding model is very strong and there are lot of useful properties which can improve the user experience as well as the developer experience. One such useful property is "NotifyOnTargetUpdated".

C1ViewScrollerItems bound to C1NavigationListItems using jQuery

In the last blog I discussed how to access Componentone iPhone controls through jQuery. To discuss more about this issue, I want to take up adding C1ViewScrollerItems corresponding to the "ListItems" in C1NavigationList at client side.

Accessing ComponentOne iPhone controls through jQuery

jQuery is one of the coolest and latest functions of the web. ComponentOne iPhone controls can also be accessed using jQuery.

XBAPs Disabled by Default in IE9

WPF XAML Browser Applications (XBAPs) are disabled by default in IE9. When you try to load an XBAP in IE9 you will see an error message similar to the following:

Giving the End-user a Sense of Control

The latest release of Component One's Studio for WinForms completes the implementation of the Office 2010 visual styles across the entire range of controls. If you're like me and you're always keen to seeing what's new (and of course with visual styles it's quite literally a case of 'seeing' what's new) then you'll almost certainly have given them a spin by now. Of course what you, the developer, think looks really cool may well not suit the tastes of your end user and when it's all said and done it's them that you need to satisfy.

How to Improve Memory Utilization when using Chart Image in Multi-Document VsPrinter

When a multiple document containing Chart images is generated in VsPrinter, a lot of memory is utilized if the heavy bitmap images are used. The expected memory usage of an

What's New in Studio for WinForms 2011 v1

Desktop development is definitely here to stay as our WinForms controls just keep getting better. The latest release of Studio for WinForms 2011 v1 introduces 3 new controls and adds enhancements to over 10 controls. See what's new. Read below to get a deeper scoop into some of the top new features.

Display a PDF in C1Book

Download the latest update to Studio for Silverlight or Studio for WPF to get the lastest C1PdfViewer control. This control has had many enhancements including support for compressed object streams and improved font and image handling.

New Microsoft .NET Charting Enhancements and Amplified Control Suites

Just released, ComponentOne Studio Enterprise is now available for download. Instead of writing out all new the features and enhancements, I ask you to watch the "Top 10 Countdown" video. You will walk away energized and excited to try 2011 v1.

Studio Enterprise 2011 v1 Released!

See what's new in Studio for Silverlight:

C1Editor RibbonUI Customization

ComponentOne Editor for ASP.Net is a powerful editing control which allows users to author and manage HTML content on any Web page.  It implements the Microsoft Office 2007-style Ribbon interface. The Ribbon organizes related commands under a series of tabs, enabling users to easily explore the editor's functions without forcing them to navigate through a hierarchy of menus.