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Silverlight 4 Business Application Development for Beginners at NWA TechFest

July 8 at 10:30 AM - Learn how to complete development tasks crucial to business applications such as implementing simple page navigation, creating dialog windows, and styling controls. In this Webcast, we?ll develop a Silverlight application from the ground up so beginners can learn how a Silverlight application works. And then we'll start diving right into more intermediate tasks. And since this is geared towards business application development, we?ll also cover different ways to access data in Silverlight. This session will be using Visual Studio 2010 and Silverlight 4.

Using Licensed WinForms controls in WPF

Did you know that you can use licensed WinForms controls in WPF applications? It's true.

Extreme Form Makeover with C1Ribbon

What is a Ribbon?

Firefox Slow When Browsing Localhost

For all of you Web Devs out there like me that use many browsers during development, you may have noticed how slow Firefox can be when debugging web apps in Visual Studio. The issue is one of the IT variety and I dare not try to explain it. So here is the solution...

Working with Silverlight 4 to Build an Image Editor

With the official release of Silverlight 4, many familiar features are now possible out of the box. These features include drag and drop management, handling the right mouse button click, and printing. While most of these features were already possible using ComponentOne Silverlight 3 controls, Silverlight 4 adds value and flexibility to our studio as we continue to push the limits of the framework itself.

Hot off the build machine: Silverlight 4 controls!

Well, we actually made the controls available yesterday through prerelease. But today they are officially on the ComponentOne site!

Tweet! Tweet!

I am going to start posting quick little tips and tricks to twitter and hope you will follow me! I will also be happy to answer any questions and would love your feedback!

C1Editor Quickstart

This article contains a brief introduction to the C1Editor control added to the ComponentOne Studio Enterprise in the 2009 v3 release.

Silverlight 4 Introduces Watermark Issue

Like every version, Silverlight 4 adds new properties to existing types. One new property Microsoft added is TextBox.Watermark. ComponentOne already had a Watermark property defined for our C1TextBoxBase, which is a subclass of TextBox.

iPhone Spell-checker Fail

I just typed "iPad" on my iPhone and it corrected it to "upas"...