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All New Studio for LightSwitch HTML- Powered by Wijmo

New with the ComponentOne 2013v2 to release is Studio for LightSwitch HTML!

LightSwitch HTML 101: Getting Started with the PieChart

In this tutorial, I will show you how to get started using the brand new LightSwitch HTML PieChart control. It is so incredibly easy, and you will be up and running before you know it.

Building Mobile MVC Apps in Minutes

I am happy to announce our new Mobile MVC Tools powered by Wijmo. We have shipped a new set of tools to help you rapidly develop Mobile Web Apps using MVC. Our tools include a ready-to-use Mobile Project Template and custom Mobile Scaffolding. Let's take a look at how easy it is to build an app with these new tools.

Wijmo 2013v2 has Landed

I am happy to announce that Wijmo Enterprise 2013 v2 has landed. This release includes a massive list of bug fixes and some great new features. The biggest news in this release is our official support for AngularJS. We have also added some powerful new features to SpreadJS.

The Making of WorkSpace Part 1: The ViewModel

A few weeks ago we released the ComponentOne WorkSpace app and it’s been quite a success with over 100 downloads per day and great user feedback. It’s a first generation spreadsheet and rich text editor all-in-one. Oh, and it also opens PDF files too just for fun.

Even though LightSwitch’s HTML Client is designed for use on mobile/touch devices, many people like to use it for the desktop as well. The widgets included in Studio for LightSwitch HTML work in either scenario and there are easy tweaks you can add to give desktop users an even better experience.

Adding a Parameter DropDown to ActiveReports Viewer

ActiveReports allows you to use parameters to filter or add data to display in reports at runtime. You can either prompt users for parameters so that they control the output, or supply the parameters behind the scenes. If we talk about parameters then we already have many blog topics on different ways of passing parameters to a report. However in this blog article our main focus is to change the way we pass parameters to a report.

How To Validate Data Entry in SpreadJS

Here are some common scenarios that may sound familiar to you:

Binding WPF C1DataGrid to XML File

Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) provides developers with a vast amount of data binding functionality. However, one area where the data binding falls short is with the XmlDataProvider. XmlDataProvider Class enables declarative access to XML data for data binding. With an XmlDataProvider, the underlying data that can be accessed through data binding in your application can be any tree of XML nodes. In other words, an XmlDataProvider provides a convenient way to use any tree of XML nodes as a binding source.

Customizing the Appearance of Pager Buttons in Spread

Spread for ASP.Net displays data using the concept of Paging. When the sheet contains more rows than can be displayed in the component, Spread automatically creates pages and allows you to navigate between the pages of the sheet. For example, for a sheet that has 50 rows, you may want to display only 10 rows at a time, so each page would be a set of 10 rows.

Customizations in C1NumericBox for Silverlight

The C1NumericBox control is a numeric editor, provided with ComponentOne Studio for Silverlight suite, that allows you to display and edit numeric values in many formats. At times, we need to make a few modifications to the control to suit our needs. And I've provided a couple of such implementations here.

Exploring PdfPrint Option in ActiveReports Silverlight Viewer

The Silverlight Viewer in the professional edition of ActiveReports 7 provides a very useful tool for viewing reports over the web. The design and creation of a report is not just limited to the viewing experience; the end user should also be able to print the reports efficiently. Though the Silverlight Viewer provides a Print button on the toolbar to handle printing requests, large reports can be a concern to print spoolers. In these cases, the PDF printing option provided by the viewer is a very useful feature to have. ActiveReports supports native Silverlight API printing, but  we can reduce the spooler size from the default Silverlight printing by using PDF Printing.

Implementing AR6 Copy Functionality in AR7

ActiveReports provides a number of ways to view your report output. Besides previewing your report at design time, you can also view the reports you design in the Viewer. This viewer contains a toolbar which provides you with the ability to perform a number of actions including the Copy functionality.

Creating ActiveReports on the Fly

The extensive API of ActiveReports 7 allows Visual Basic and C# developers to completely control the report processing engine to fit their needs. It provides control over the following Events and Properties :

Few of our customers had a requirement to change the background of a cell depending on its contents. This can be easily accomplished using the cellStyleFormatter utility provided by Wijgrid. For eg. if the value in a cell is less than 25, then its background color should be yellow and the forecolor should be red.

SparkLines in Spread for Silverlight/WPF

We all want to have some graphical representation of our data in SpreadSheet. We usually do it using Charts in our Sheets. Unfortunately Charts are currently not available with Spread for Silverlight/WPF. However Spread provides an alternative for this; we can use SparkLines. You can show Sparkline within a cell which makes this feature more interesting.There are three types of Sparklines you can show in a cell.

WijGrid Export to Excel

Exporting data from Wijgrid widget to Excel is a common requirement for our customers.

Using Wijgrid with Angular JS

Wijmo supports AngularJS, a lightweight MVC JavaScript framework, allowing you to easily create and maintain a dynamically changing UI. You can use AngularJS in addition to jQuery to enhance your pages with an underlying data model.

Undo Feature for Adding/Removing Rows in Spread for Silverlight

Spread for Silverlight provides the functionality where users can undo their last operation using Ctrl+Z. However, one of the Spread users suggested that spread should also offer the option to undo the operation of adding and removing rows. This prompted me to come up with this blog.

Extending HTML with AngularJS Directives

Our CTO, Bernado Castilho, has recently taken a big interest in AngularJS. In fact, he has gone and written his own directives. He has even gone as far as to write a comprehensive whitepaper on custom AngularJS directives. Bernardo does an excellent job of covering directives and provides very practical usage scenarios.