C1Editor does not work within C1Dialog

Originally Posted 9 April 2013, 12:35 pm EST

  • Originally Posted 9 April 2013, 12:35 pm EST

    When I use the C1Editor it works fine, but when I use the C1Editor as a content element within a C1Dialog it goes wrong. The editor is shown but the text itself is not shown and the textarea is also not selectable.
    What should i do to make this work?
    Thnx, Martin
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    I was able to reproduce this issue, hence I'd be escalating this to the concerned team for review.

    Would let you know on getting an update form their side.

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    According to the developer, this issue is occur because editor has iframe element, moving iframe within DOM tree causes iframe reload, then the content of iframe is missing(it’s browser mechanism); the iframe need to be moving when the dialog show, so the content of editor is missing.

    We have attached "Sample_Editor" with a workaround. Could you please try "Sample_Editor" with wijmo build 3.5/4.0.20131.109 which is available at :

    Could you please download it and check it at your end.

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