Originally Posted 11 April 2014, 5:16 am EST

  • Originally Posted 11 April 2014, 5:16 am EST


    Is it possible to be able to filter calendar entries by using a drop down list?

    I am hoping to export out entries for individual users from or domino environment and then import them into the C1EventsCalendar1 so it is viewable in our CRM system.

    I've looked at the documentation and I cannot see if there is a filter option.

    I did try and filter via the sql datasource that feeds the calendar but on load I get an object not set to reference error as the calendar that loads is effectively empty until a user is selected from the combo box.


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    Hello Lavan,

    Currently, C1Eventcalendar does not provide an option to filter events based on calendar.

    However, you may fetch the bound calendar list using C1EventsCalendar1.DataStorage.Calendars collection and add them to the dropdownlist.
    Now in the selectedvalue changed event, you can remove all other events from the Eventscalendar and show the selected ones only and save the removed appointments in a collection. When another option is selected, add the removed appointments to the calendar first and then again remove unselected appointments.

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