C1Input And C1Accordian Display Center-Aligned With Left Edge Of Containing Cell

Posted by: khowell78737 on 10 September 2017, 11:31 am EST

  • Posted 10 September 2017, 11:31 am EST

    Some of the c1 controls from the Web.Controls.UI  render shifted to the left and *layered* over the left edge of the containing table cell in the design-view and in the browser. It appears as if the control is center-aligned to the left edge of the containing cell.
    I've attached some screen shots to this post.

    Notice in the images that it does not affect the C1Chart, C1Menu or C1Grid.  It appears to be associated with the C1Input and C1Accordian controls.
    Any page, new or existing with a C1Input or Accordian control displays like this.
    Image #1 shows a C1Date and C1Percentage controls shifted over to the left.  Both of these controls reside in table cells.  It would appear that the middle of the control is aligned with the left edge of the cell.
    Image #2 is the front page of the site.  The C1Accordian shifts over to the left- in this case, off the browser's left edge. Again, it would appear that the middle of the control is aligned center with the left edge of it's containing cell.
    I have been working on the page from image #1 for several days.  This problem appeared suddenly as I was working on the page with the form (image 1).  I'm not exactally sure what I was doing, but it was around the time I was trying to write code to open a C1Window from the code-behind (ie. call a javascript function Server-Side). 
    This page from image #2 has not been touched for a month or more.  It suddenly started displaying like this at the same time as the other.
    Both pages are content pages.  They do not share the same masterpage.
    I am using the C1WebUI.2 2.020101.173  build.

    Thank you for your help!
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