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Posted by: mlk20 on 28 March 2021, 11:33 pm EST

  • Posted 28 March 2021, 11:33 pm EST


    We are looking for a way to decrease file sizes of the PDFs that are generated by exporting Section Reports in Active Reports for .NET v11.2. I cannot give you any examples of the RPX/PDFs at the moment but I may provide it later.

    1. Can you suggest what options/steps during report generation/merging or report export to PDF should we check/adjust?

    Thank you.
  • Replied 30 March 2021, 10:35 pm EST

    Any update?
  • Replied 1 April 2021, 3:30 pm EST


    You can set the "NeverEmbedFont" property of PDFExport to "*" so that no font is embedded in the PDF file. Also, Memory related issue fixed in the version after 11.2. You can also check the PDF size difference between 11.2 and 15.

  • Replied 1 April 2021, 5:58 pm EST

    .net core 3.0

    Add multiple reports at the same time

    Rendering to JSON causes program cras,
    The program is dead!



    public JsonResult GetJsonData(string reportName, string parJson)
    PageReport report = new PageReport();
    report.Load(new FileInfo(string.Format(@"{0}/Reports/{1}.rdlx", AppContext.BaseDirectory,reportName)));
    GrapeCity.ActiveReports.Document.PageDocument reportDocument = new GrapeCity.ActiveReports.Document.PageDocument(report);
    GrapeCity.ActiveReports.Export.Text.Page.JsonRenderingExtension.Settings jsonSettings = new GrapeCity.ActiveReports.Export.Text.Page.JsonRenderingExtension.Settings();
    jsonSettings.Formatted = false;
    jsonSettings.QuotePropertyNames = true;
    GrapeCity.ActiveReports.Export.Text.Page.JsonRenderingExtension jsonRenderingExtension = new GrapeCity.ActiveReports.Export.Text.Page.JsonRenderingExtension();
    GrapeCity.ActiveReports.Rendering.IO.MemoryStreamProvider memoryProvider = new GrapeCity.ActiveReports.Rendering.IO.MemoryStreamProvider();
    //Program crash due to down code
    reportDocument.Render(jsonRenderingExtension, memoryProvider, jsonSettings);
    var primaryStream = memoryProvider.GetPrimaryStream();
    StreamReader reader = new StreamReader(primaryStream.OpenStream());
    string readerText = reader.ReadToEnd();
    return Json(new { code = 0, msg = "success!", list = readerText });
    catch (Exception ex)
    LogHelper.Error(string.Format("GetJsonData门店报表[{0}]查询报错", reportName), ex);
    return Json(new { code = -1, msg = ex.ToString() });

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  • Replied 2 April 2021, 12:46 am EST

    I think the previous two comments are added to this thread by a mistake. Can you move/delete them so our conversation about PDF size is not messed up?
  • Replied 2 April 2021, 12:46 am EST

    I think the previous two comments are added to this thread by a mistake. Can you move/delete them so our conversation about PDF size is not messed up?
  • Replied 2 April 2021, 12:49 am EST

    Is there a way to "compress" images or somehow limit the size/quality of the images that are included in the final PDF if some BIG images are merged into Picture control in SectionReports?

    Currently if BIG images are merged into RDF file then EXACTLY the same BIG images are transferred to the PDF generated from this RDF which then results in a big PDF size.
  • Replied 2 April 2021, 12:50 am EST

    Yes, where do I want to feed back?Who should I turn to to solve this problem?
  • Replied 2 April 2021, 1:01 am EST

    Where did you escape my feedback? How to follow up this problem?
  • Replied 2 April 2021, 2:25 am EST


    You can check the size after changing the image related property in the PDF Export.
    Please refer to the attached image.

  • Replied 2 April 2021, 2:30 am EST

    Hello @lyz880524,

    Please reply to following forum post to avoid confusion.

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