ComponentOne RussCam 60 : Part 1 Day of .NET Appleton, WI FVNUG

Russ Cam™ travels to Wisconsin for an awesome Day of .NET! In part one of this 2-part series, I chat with Greg Levenhagen, Senior Software Engineer & Azure Architect at Skyline Technologies and VP of Fox Valley .NET User Group. Greg talks about his Kinect session at the event. Then we talk with the former VP and now president of FVNUG, Keith Burnell, about the exciting things going on at the event. Then, it's another MVP on Russ Cam! Damon Payne, Client App Dev Microsoft MVP, talks with me about his cleverly titled session, "Every JavaScipt developer is now a Windows 8 developer?" Plus, Damon tells us about how he used ActiveReports! Stay tuned until the very end for outtakes and photos and a cameo surprise cameraman with Microsoft DE, David Bost. Click Here to Watch Video image

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