RussCam Episodes 91-99

Download the RussCam by ComponentOne Windows Phone app to video all of these videos and more! ComponentOne Russ Cam® - Episode 91: Desert Code Camp (Part 2) Russ brings you more from Desert Code Camp! Event organizer and President of INETA North America, Joseph Guadagno and Southeast Valley .NET UG, talks about how he became involved with the code camp. He started organizing Desert Code Camp over 5 ½ years ago and it keeps getting bigger and better every year. In fact, it has grown from 250 once a year to 700-800 twice a year. The venue is Chandler-Gilbert Community College with 12 tracks, 103 sessions And 80 different presenters with 25 volunteers. Short story, this is some undertaking and a lot of work for the incredible community event! He brings us up to date on the INETA happenings, with a new INETA website makeover and marketing push for the INETA Speakers program. Then, Scott Cate talks about his work with Event Day where they send attendees a QR code and when scanned can print an event name label. We chat about a session I saw him present at TechEd on Keyboard shortcuts, and was an inspiration for my Windows 8 Shortcuts Phone app and the many other ones I have including VS shortcuts. Watch to the end to see some great photos from the event. This episode is brought to you by ComponentOne Widows 8 Studios. ComponentOne Russ Cam® - Episode 92: Desert Code Camp (Part 3) It's another Russ Cam first! Russ brings you our first interview with a C1 Influencer! Craig Berntson, Microsoft MVP, tells us about the C1 Influencer program. He also talks about his session "Branches & Merges are Bears, Oh My!" Plus, learn about new Windows 8 controls from ComponentOne! ComponentOne Russ Cam® - Episode 93: MVP Summit (Part 1) This is a very special episode of Russ Cam! Russ Fustino receives the Lifetime Achievement Award from INETA! Plus, former winners Kevin Hazzard and Julie Yack stop by to congratulate Russ and talk about the Microsoft MVP Program. ComponentOne Russ Cam® - Episode 94: MVP Summit (Part 2) Russ and C1 Influencer Michael Washington talk with Kelly White about Windows 8 controls from ComponentOne. Then, Shervin is back on Russ Cam to congratulate Russ on his INETA Lifetime Achievement Award. And David McCarter talks about what the award means to him. ComponentOne Russ Cam® - Episode 95: Orlando Code Camp (Part 1) Russ takes you back to where it all started - Orlando Code Camp, site of the very first episode of Russ Cam®! He chats with Greg Leonardo about Webonology, the INETA Code Challenge, his upcoming book and more! Plus, Russ interviews one of the many Code Camp volunteers, Tina Holden. ComponentOne Russ Cam® - Episode 96: Orlando Code Camp (Part 2) Russ talks with host of Technology and Friends, David Giard! Find out what it was like for David to win Speaker Idol 2012! Plus, learn about some of his recent guests on his video series. ComponentOne Russ Cam® - Episode 97: SQLSaturday #192 Russ Cam is in Tampa, Florida for SQLSaturday 192! Michael Wells, a return Russ Cam interviewee, talks how his first MSDN event, with yours truly, changed his career from IT to development! “There is nothing like code on the big screen” he said. That was when Microsoft had a centralized engine running the same content nationwide in Movie theaters by the Microsoft Across America team (MSAM). I miss those days and hope that someday Microsoft resurrects a centralized developer evangelism model as it scaled and we had great attendance numbers across the board with consistent messaging. Maybe I should start my own ComponentOne engine, huh? We talked about what a great job Pam Shaw did at the SQL Saturday event in Tampa, where #2 was run and now with #226 schedule in South Florida the program has come a long way with even more events worldwide. Hats off once again to the SQL Server community and all of the developers that participate! Then, Ed Watson shares what it's like to be a new event speaker! He talks about his session on the essential backup and recovery topic as his third ever speaking engagement! We look forward to hearing from this new up-comer in the speaker community. And Russ presents a raffle giveaway of Component One Ultimate™! ComponentOne Russ Cam® - Episode 98: South Florida Code Camp (Part 1) Guest interviewer Karen Slosaski is back as Russ Cam takes you to South Florida Code Camp! In Part 1, Greg Lutz gives us the scoop on the incredible line-up of Windows 8 tools in ComponentOne Studio for WinRT XAML! From FlexGrid to RichTextBox, Calendar Control to PDF printing and more, developers everywhere will be thrilled to learn what you can get inside ComponentOne Studio for WinRT XAML! ComponentOne Russ Cam® - Episode 99: South Florida Code Camp (Part 2) Guest Interviewer, Karen Slosaski, is standing between 2 of the 9 winners of the INETA Lifetime Achievement Award! She talks with both Russ Fustino and Dave Noderer about winning the award, their history with Russ Cam, as well as the future. Plus, Dave Noderer shares about his favorite developer component - ActiveReports!


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