Process and aggregate thousands of rows in milliseconds in ASP.NET MVC

Create Excel-like, web-based pivot tables in ASP.NET MVC with ComponentOne Studio's OLAP control. The smart pivot panel interprets data types and intelligently places fields in an intuitive, modern UI.

*Available as part of ComponentOne Studio Enterprise.

Drag and drop pivot fields in the smart PivotPanel

  • Excel-like panel design feels familiar to users
  • Allow users to drag fields into "view" lists representing row, column, value, and filter
  • Save time with smart data interpretation — the panel intelligently places fields
  • Use same field multiple times in Values, e.g.: Sales (total) and Sales (count)
  • Asynchronous processing provides progress bar and background work
  • Save user's time with built-in save/load of views


Display Excel-like data summaries in PivotGrid

  • Manage large data sets with collapsible rows and column groups
  • Drill down into the data with the custom context menu
  • Extend your grid's formatting with the logical grouping for multiple date types
  • Group and manage data with subtotals
  • Export the grid to XLSX files. Read more about Excel export

ASP.NET MVC Pivot Grid

Visualize aggregated data with PivotChart

  • Summarize data in multiple chart types, like column, bar, area, scatter, and pie
  • Convey the view structure with hierarchical axes
  • Contains both FlexChart and FlexPie and inherits from those ComponentOne Studio controls

ASP.NET MVC Pivot Chart

Analyze and handle hundreds of millions of records in a fraction of a second with OLAP’s data engine options!

For very large data sets, or data from varied sources, use the ComponentOne Studio Web API's DataEngine component. You can analyze and handle up to hundreds of millions of records in a fraction of a second.

You can use multiple data sources, including:

  • SQL server
  • SQL-based RDMS servers
  • Web service
  • Structured files from file and network systems

Read more about DataEngine Web API


Connect directly to Micrsoft SSAS cubes with MVC OLAP

Microsoft SSAS Cube support enables you to connect directly to your Microsoft SSAS cube without any server go-between. There's no need for the server-side API if you already have Microsoft SSA>S cubes in place!

Learn more


OLAP Slicer

The Slicer control provides a quick way to edit filters applied to PivotField objects.

It provides buttons the user can click to filter data based on values and indicates the current filtering state. This makes it easy to understand what is shown in filtered PivotGrid and PivotChart controls.

OLAP Slicer