50+ Fast, Flexible, and Fluent WinUI Charts

Visualize your data in bold, colorful graphs with our simple, yet flexible chart control. With ComponentOne FlexChart for WinUI 3.0 you can:

  • Choose from essential chart types including pie and treemap
  • Combine different chart types bound to multiple data sources
  • Export the charts to an image, display labels and more


WinUI chart controls are UI libraries for creating and displaying 2D charts in desktop applications. ComponentOne FlexChart provides bar, line, area, and many other chart types to help developers visualize data in meaningful ways.


Why Choose FlexChart for WinUI?

50+ Chart Types and Variations

Build the exact chart you need with FlexChart's many built-in WinUI chart types, combination plots and stacking options.

Flexible Customization

Configure your WinUI charts down to the smallest detail with label formatting, gridlines, tick marks, and more.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Shorten your cross-platform migration using the same chart API across WinUI, Blazor and MAUI.

WinUI Chart Types

Bar and Column Charts

WinUI Column Charts

Column Charts

Compare multiple data series over time in a horizontal bar or column chart. FlexChart supports displaying negative values below the axis origin.

WinUI Stacked Bar Charts

Bar Stacked Charts

Stacked charts demonstrate the part-to-whole relationship for displaying the cumulative values of categories.

WinUI Stacked 100pc Bar Charts

Bar Stacked 100 Charts

Compare percentages for each value within the total. The cumulative proportion of each stacked column always totals one hundred percent.

Line and Area Charts

WinUI Spline Charts

Line and Spline Charts

Display changes in data over short and long periods of time with a basic line chart with optional symbols. Line options include spline, symbol and stacking.

WinUI Area Charts

Area Charts

Fill in the area below the line to demonstrate trends in similar categories. WinUI area charts support stacking, spline and axis rotation.

WinUI Step Line Charts

Step Charts

Step line charts help visualize changes at a specific point. Data points are connected through vertical and horizontal lines. Display symbols or fill the area.

Scatter Charts

WinUI Scatter Charts

Scatter XY Charts

Demonstrate correlation between data points and a set of numerical data along the x-axis and the y-axis. WinUI scatter charts combine values into single data points and display uneven intervals or clusters.

WinUI Bubble Charts

Bubble Charts

Create rich, visually appealing data modeling and financial charts with bubble charts. This WinUI chart allows you to display your data series as a set of differently-sized symbols in the chart space.

Specialized WinForms Chart Types

WinUI Pie and Donut Charts

Pie and Donut Charts

WinUI pie charts show how parts of a whole add up to 100%. FlexPie features include doughnut, exploded slices, animation, selection, and rotation.

WinUI Candlestick and HLOC Charts

Candlestick and HLOC Charts

The candlestick and HLOC (High-Low-Open-Close) chart types display stock or financial data for each day in the series.

WinUI Funnel Charts

Funnel Charts

Visualize stages of a process, such as a sales funnel, using a funnel shape. Supports triangular or rectangular shape.

WinUI Squarified TreeMap Charts

Squarified TreeMap Charts

Display hierarchical information combined with relative quantity. Highlight hierarchical, tree-structured data as a set of nested rectangles and help to analyze the anomalies in the data set.

WinUI Horizontal TreeMap Charts

Horizontal TreeMap Charts

Display the TreeMap as a horizontal or vertical stack of hierarchical rows - like a rectangular sunburst.

WinUI Chart Demos

Desktop Demo Explorer

All of our WinUI demos are included in a single downloadable desktop explorer. Explore every feature and showcase demos using the FlexChart Explorer demo.