Display, edit and validate DateTime information in WPF

The DateTimePicker control provides a single, intuitive UI for selecting date and time values. The TimeEditor control provides a simple masked editor for time values only. You can edit your date and time values by using the spin buttons, using the keyboard arrows, or by typing in fields.

Multiple Display Versions

Choose from three edit modes: DateTime (default), Date, and Time. Select from preset date formats, including Short and Long. Choose from preset time formats, including ShortTime, LongTime, and TimeSpan.

WPF DateTime Editors

Supports Spin Buttons

The DateTimePicker and TimeEditor controls support spin (up/down) buttons for selecting date and time.

Wide Range of Cultures

Define the cultural setting for date and time formats.

Validate Input with Masking

The DatePicker control supports custom date formats and masked input. The edit mask prevents end users from entering invalid characters into the field.

WPF DateTime Editors

Supports Null Values

By default, you can enter null values in the DateTimePicker and TimeEditor controls. You can disable this by setting the AllowNull property to False.

Easily Change Colors with ClearStyle

Because DateTime Editors for WPF¬†supports ComponentOne ClearStyle™ technology, you can easily change control brushes without having to override templates. By setting a few brush properties in Visual Studio, you can quickly style each part of the control.

WPF DateTime Editors