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The new release of ComponentOne Studio for Xamarin is now upon us, and this release has a large number of features added from customer feedback. Over the last few releases we’ve gradually been adding animations to all of our controls, creating new project templates to make starting projects simpler, and listening to customer feedback to enhance our controls in the ways that are most meaningful to our users. This release continues that theme, and both expands on the feature set and quality of the suite.

New FlexChart features

We’re adding a new Histogram chart type for FlexChart for this release, as well as adding some enhancements to our animations. Sunburst charts now have new load and update animations, and we’ve improved the easing functionality on iOS by adding implicit conversion of CAMediaTimingFunction to C1Easing. We also placed a large focus on internal quality on this release, and we’ve done a lot of work to clean up bugs and small feature gaps in the control (see the detailed changelog for more info).

  • Added Histogram chart type

Added Histogram chart type

  • Added Sunburst chart animations Added Sunburst chart animations

  • Improved iOS animation by adding implicit conversion from CAMediaTimingFunction to C1Easing. There are two possible methods of conversion:

1. loadAnimation.Easing = CAMediaTimingFunction.FromName(CAMediaTimingFunction.Default);

2. loadAnimation.Easing = CAMediaTimingFunction.FromControlPoints((float)0.99,(float)0.60,(float)0,(float)0.39); Note:Method 2 should send values from 0 to 1.

  • Numerous bug fixes

New ComponentOne control features

The Input controls have also been enhanced with some new features based on customer requests. First, we’ve added an AutoCompleteMode property for the AutoComplete control. We’ve always supported custom filtering for these controls, but this property makes it much easier to switch between Contains, StartsWith, and EndsWith, and it also lets you set a flag to MatchCase or MatchWholeWord. We’ve also added the ability to display a clear button with our controls which should make text deletion much faster. Also (as a convenience) we’ve added a Completed event to our Input controls which has the same behavior as the Xamarin.Forms Entry control. Finally, we’ve improved the animation for FullScreenMode for this release.

  • ​AutoCompleteMode property added

  • Adjust both the filter and highlighting behavior of AutoComplete and allows StartsWith, EndsWith, and Contains (Default)

  • Added the ability to use MatchCase or MatchWholeWordflags in AutoComplete:

    autoComplete.AutoCompleteMode = AutoCompleteMode.Contains |AutoCompleteMode.MatchCase;

  • Added ability to clear data from editable input controls with a clear button. It can be toggled with the ShowClearButton property.


  • New Completed Event for Input controls
  • Added Animation for FullScreenMode

ComponentOne CollectionView control

Our CollectionView control is also getting some enhancements in line with the changes for the Input control. Our Filtering capabilities have been enhanced with the ability to use MatchCase or MatchWholeWord.

  • Added the ability to use MatchCase or MatchWholeWord flags when filtering. The FullTextFilterSample in FlexGrid101 has been modified to demonstrate this behavior:


ComponentOne FlexGrid enhancements

FlexGrid also is getting some significant new enhancements. In this release, we’ve added the KeyActionTab property with ability to allow Excel-like tab cycling. This is something we’ve seen requested a few times (especially for developers targeting UWP), and it should greatly improved text entry with a keyboard on all platforms. We’ve also added a new customizable context menu that speeds up many common actions (like cut, copy, paste, delete row, etc.), but also let’s you configure it with your own custom actions as well. The menu can be displayed on a long press, right click, or row header tap, and it can be enabled through the ShowSelectionMenu property.

We’ve also generally done some small UI improvements to FlexGrid by improving the grid line visual quality and as well as the default appearance of the light and dark themes.

  • Added KeyActionTab property for Excel-like tab cycling. This option allows a tab key press to behave the same as in Excel, where tab will wrap the selection and marque to the first column of the next row when pressed from the last column of a row.

What’s new in ComponentOne Studio for Xamarin 2018

  • Built in options for actions like Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete, Undo, and Select All
  • Can also contain developer customizable actions

What’s new in ComponentOne Studio for Xamarin 2018

private void Grid_CreatingSelectionMenu(object sender, GridSelectionMenuEventArgs e) { e.Menu.Items.Add(new GridMenuItem("NewBehavior", () => NewBehavior())); }

  • Improved the visual quality of FlexGrid grid lines and light and dark themes

New Project Templates for VSMac and Entity Framework

We’ve also added new project templates in this release. For the first time, we’re offering project templates for Visual Studio for Mac, and we’re also added a new Entity Framework SQLite template for PC and Mac. The Entity Framework template uses our new C1.CollectionView.EntityFramework library, which enables CollectionView integration with Entity Framework Core, and uses these libraries to connect a FlexGrid to SQLite. This should make it even easier to get started on both platforms.

  • Added Entity Framework SQLite Template

  • Uses FlexGrid, CollectionView, and Entity Framework Core with a local SQLite DataBase

  • Added Visual Studio for Mac templates

  • Same templates currently in VS 2017 will also be available for Mac (including Entity Framework template)

What’s new in ComponentOne Studio for Xamarin 2018

ComponentOne Studio for Xamarin v2 wrap-up

We’ve also made a lot of small changes to samples here and there to try to demonstrate a greater range of customizations and show off some new UI trends. We plan to continue enhancing the look and feel of our controls over the next release, as well as working to address customer feedback on existing controls. Be sure to check out the new release and let us know what you think about it!

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Full Changelog



  • Added a new Entity Framework Core project template
  • Added Visual Studio for Mac project templates
  • Improved C1Weather sample with updated design and use of Geolocator Plugin to get your local weather



  • [XF] C1TappedEventArgs.IsBarrelButtonDown property added.

Bug fixes

  • [XF] Fixed an issue where a Frame was not rendered correctly when converted to native on iOS.
  • [XF] [X.iOS] Fixed an issue where C1CheckBox was rendered displaced
  • [XF[X.Android] Constructor of the renderers changed to take the context in order to avoid using obsolete(since version 2.5) base class constructor.


Bug fixes

  • [XF] Fixed a NullReferenceException that could occur when navigate back to previous from content page contain Calendar



  • [XF] [X.iOS] [X.Android] Can now MatchCase and MatchWholeWord when filtering



  • [X.iOS] Added implicit conversion from CAMediaTimingFunction to C1Easing on iOS
  • [XF] [X.Android] [X.iOS] Added sunburst update animation
  • [XF] [X.Android] [X.iOS] Added Histogram chart type
  • [X.iOS] Added IsEnabled property

Bug Fixes

  • [XF] Fixed a NullReferenceException occurs when SymbolRendering and SymbolRendered events are called without setting content in plot elements.
  • [XF] Using TranslateBehavior without ZoomBehavior should now work correctly by setting DisplayedRange or Scale
  • [XF] [X.Android] [X.iOS] Fixed an issue where axis labels could be cut off when LableAngle is set to 45 and LegendPosition is top or bottom
  • [XF] Fixed an issue where a tooltip displays behind custom plot element when tapping on custom plot element
  • [XF] [X.Android] The ConenctingLine property for DataLabels should now display properly on all platforms
  • [XF] Fixed an issue where long tooltips does would get clipped on WinPhone
  • [XF] [X.iOS] [X.Android] Improved the Auto positioning behavior for LegendPositon
  • [XF] [X.Android] Fixed an issue where the '{high}' value of financial charts would return an empty string when getting from TooltipContent/DataLabelContent
  • [XF] Fixed an issue where Duplicate Axis labels would be observed when Rotated is set True and BindingX is Date value in any chart types other than Column/Bar/Financial charts
  • [XF] [X.Android] [X.iOS] Setting LegendPosition no longer has a thinning effect on Legend border thickness
  • [XF] [X.Android] [X.iOS] Fixed several issues where tooltips where not updating properly when data was removed or changed position
  • [XF] Fixed a problem where setting SliceBorderWidth would not take effect and border lines of each slice are not distinct if CustomPalette is applied in Sunburst chart
  • [XF] [X.iOS] Improved Sunburst chart handling of fractional values
  • [XF] [X.Android] Fixed a problem where selection StrokeDashArray also would apply to border of DataLabel when select any pie slice
  • [XF] IsVisible/IsEnabled properties of LineMarker now work correctly
  • [XF] Empty space is no longer preserved for Tooltip when 'ShowTooltip=False or ToolTip=null' on UWP
  • [XF] AnnotationLayers can now be added/removed at run time
  • [XF] [X.Android] Fixed an issue where an Image annotation would not displayed if another type of annotation was not added
  • [XF] IsVisible property of Annotations should now work as expected
  • [XF] [X.Android] [X.iOS] Fixed several issues where annotations where not updating properly when data was removed or changed position
  • [XF] [X.iOS] Fixed an issue where the bottom part of data series near X axis were cut off when ChartType of one series is set Spline family charts
  • [XF] Fixed an issue where Axis labels are shown as numeric values instead of string values when data is directly bound to the series



  • [XF] [X.iOS] [X.Android] Added WordWrap property for GridRow
  • [XF] [X.iOS] [X.Android] Added FrozenLinesColor property for styling grid lines in frozen rows
  • [XF] [X.iOS] [X.Android] DefaultColumnHeadersRowHeight property added.
  • [XF] [X.iOS] [X.Android] KeyActionTab property added for enabling Excel-like cycling when keyboard tabbing.
  • [XF] [X.iOS] [X.Android] Grid-lines were improved to display better in the edges of the grid, in grouping scenarios, and in column or row dragging
  • [XF] [X.iOS] [X.Android] Added customizable selection menu
  • [XF] [X.iOS] [X.Android] GridColumn HeaderBackgroundColor/HeaderTextColor properties added
  • [XF] [X.iOS] [X.Android] GridRow BackgroundColor/TextColor/HeaderBackgroundColor/HeaderTextColor properties added
  • [XF] [X.iOS] [X.Android] RowHeaderSelectedTextColor/ColumnHeaderSelectedTextColor properties added
  • [XF] [X.iOS] [X.Android] FullTextFilterBehavior.MatchCase and MatchWholeWord properties added
  • [XF] [X.iOS] [X.Android] Updated Light and Dark mode colors

Bug Fixes

  • [XF] Fixed an issue where an editing cell does not exit from edit mode and next cell is not selected when Tab key is pressed while cell is in edit mode
  • [XF] Fixed an issue where an adjacent merged cell does not get selected and cell next to merged cell is selected when press tab key
  • [XF] Fixed an issue where a DataMap Column's cell value could not be changed in edit mode on UWP
  • [XF] Removed extra grid-lines in group and column header cells were drawn when GridLinesVisibility and HeaderGridLinesVisibility were set to Horizontal



  • [XF] [X.iOS] [X.Android] Added Completed Event for input control.
  • [XF] [X.iOS] [X.Android] Added MaskCompleted Property for C1MaskTextField
  • [XF] [X.iOS] [X.Android] Added Improved animation
  • [XF] [X.iOS] [X.Android] Added AutoCompleteMode property for filtering using StartsWith, EndsWith, and Contains as well as options for MatchCase an MatchWhole word:
autoComplete.AutoCompleteMode = AutoCompleteMode.Contains | AutoCompleteMode.MatchCase;
  • [XF] [X.iOS] [X.Android] Added ShowClearButton property for showing/hiding clear button from editable input control
  • [X.Android] Added IsDropDownOpen property for DropDown control

Bug Fixes

  • [XF] Fixed and issue where Full screen dropdown part does not close when click back button on LocalMachine on UWP
  • [XF] [X.iOS] DropDown header UI now displays if header is set within StackLayout
  • [XF] Fixed an issue with DropDown animations on UWP
  • [XF] AutoComplete drop down list updates after changed ItemsSource at run time on UWP
  • [XF] Fixed an issue with moving to adjacent characters when leading character is removed in MaskedEntry on Android
  • [XF] [X.Android] Fixed an issue where the cursor would move to the first position when the delete button is pressed on an Android device using the Google Keyboard
  • [XF] Fixed an issue where deleting numbers are replaced with (-) instead of replaced by set PromptChar when Mask property is set with combination of '#' and '-' in MaskedEntry on iOS
  • [XF] [X.iOS] Fixed an issue where an Input control could become overlapped with dropdown portion after changing DropDownDirection on iOS
  • [XF] [X.Android] Fixed an issue where the selected item BackgroundColor could be retained after selecting a new item on Android
  • [XF] Fixed an issue where the DropDown portion does not open even though IsDropDownOpen property set to True
  • [XF] Fixed an issue where MaskedInput(PromptChar value) used in header portion of Dropdown is deleted when pressing Delete key
  • [XF] Fixed an issue where an ObjectDisposedException occurs when focus control with any DropDownMode except Default/FullScreen on second time navigation
  • [XF] Fixed an issue where Text in Text Editor cannot be deleted by pressing Delete key the first time in C1Combobox

Key: [XF] = Xamarin.Forms, [X.Android] = Xamarin.Android, [X.iOS] = Xamarin.iOS, [X.Mac] = Xamarin.Mac

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