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Across all our software products and services, our focus is on helping our customers achieve their goals. Our key principles – thoroughly understanding our customers' business objectives, maintaining a strong emphasis on quality, and adhering to the highest ethical standards serve as the foundation for everything we do.

Invest in the future of your enterprise

Prepare yourself for compatibility! As Microsoft and Visual Studio partners, we're prepared months in advance to deliver compatibility on new operating systems, new browsers, and new IDEs.

Build anything with our extensible, flexible APIs

Go beyond! With GrapeCity's intuitive, flexible APIs built for sheer extensibility--in addition to hundreds of out-of-the-box features--you'll surpass the limits of what you thought you could do.

Get the toolkit, get the team

With 30 years of experience in components, our teams will make sure your onboarding is a breeze... and that our roadmap aligns with yours.

Spend more time solving better problems

Focus on the big picture. With GrapeCity's tools, you and your team can focus on developing great business logic and solving the problems worth solving.

Deliver fast, lightweight apps for .NET and JavaScript

All of our components--from reports to controls to the APIs--are built for speed and size. The modular dlls mean you can add only what you need, so GrapeCity solutions will never bloat your apps.

Stand on our shoulders - we've already done the work

You'll get the components you need and the samples you crave. You'll find everything from report templates to quick solutions to common problems in our samples explorers.


Deliver brilliant UI, fast, with .NET UI grids, charts, and controls

Save your time for the big problems when you leverage the power of this complete .NET UI control collection

  • Create complete apps with 300+ .NET controls, including extensible grids, input, navigation, utilities, and reporting controls
  • Expand data visualization dashboards with 100+ extensible .NET charts and chart interactions and a flexible dashboard layout control
  • Add power to your web apps with server-side Web API for images, Excel, barcodes, PDF, and more.
  • Create specialized apps with enterprise controls like FinancialChart and OLAP
  • Get full suites of controls for Xamarin, WinForms, WPF, UWP, ASP.NET MVC, and legacy platforms
  • Experience seamless Visual Studio integration


An industry-leading .NET reporting solution you'll enjoy

With code-based reporting, easy-to-use designers, and a flexible API, ActiveReports provides a reporting experience you'll love

  • Design, customize, publish, and view .NET reports in a complete reporting solution
  • End users can design stunning ad-hoc reports in web or desktop solutions
  • Create code-free reports in less time with the ProDesigner app
  • Deliver truly dynamic reports when you write customized reports entirely in code
  • Leverage the lightning-fast, powerful reporting engine to develop complex reports of all types
  • Try the scalable, flexible ActiveReports Server to add fast, user-friendly one-click publishing to your embedded enterprise reports


You need this extensible .NET and JavaScript spreadsheet solution

Design and develop first-class enterprise apps with a flexible, dependency-free Excel-like UI.

  • Deliver Excel-like spreadsheet experiences, fast, with no dependencies on Excel
  • Create .NET and JavaScript spreadsheets, grids, dashboards, and forms with the comprehensive API
  • Power your complex data models with the calculation engine, including 450+ formulas and custom functions
  • Import and export Excel spreadsheets with virtually no feature loss--and then leverage the API to manipulate the spreadsheets
  • Customize your data input forms and form submission


Cutting-edge JavaScript/HTML5 UI controls for any framework

Build fast, lightweight, responsive web apps with these cutting-edge JavaScript/HTML5 UI controls

  • Use the framework of your choice with a single set of controls: Angular, AngularJS, React, Vue.js, and Knockout
  • Create complete apps with 100+ controls, including the top JavaScript grid and layout and input controls
  • Expand data visualization dashboards with 100+ extensible .NET charts and chart interactions and a flexible dashboard layout control
  • Experience full IntelliSense, Web Components, and ES modules, with these true JavaScript controls written in TypeScript
  • Deliver fully accessible and progressive web apps with intuitive, mobile-first, responsive controls that meet ARIA standards


Fast, efficient Excel, Word, PDF, and Imaging APIs for .NET Standard 2.0 and Java

Take total document control with ultra-fast, low-footprint document APIs for enterprise apps

  • Generate, load, edit, save spreadsheet, Word, and PDF documents with no dependencies on Microsoft Office or Adobe Acrobat
  • Create, load, modify, and save images with a range of features, from creating thumbnails to advanced image effects
  • Create large spreadsheet, Word, and PDF documents, fast
  • Develop for any .NET platform, for major operating systems, with a single code base. Use in your apps for .NET Core 2.0+, .NET Framework, Mono, and Xamarin, and GcExcel is now available in Java
  • Be everywhere with cloud-based deployment—with NuGet and GrapeCity Documents, you can deploy to Azure, AWS, and AWS Lambda in a few short steps
  • Do more with your Excel, Word, PDF, and image documents: these APIs support Windows, Mac, Linux, and a wide variety of features

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75% of Fortune 500 companies use our products including software developers, software architects, IT professionals and developers.

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GrapeCity has received numerous industry and user accolades including awards from SD Times, The Code Project, Penton Media Group, DevProConnections, Visual Studio Magazine, Society for Technical Communication, and SQL Server Magazine.

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VisualStudio Magazine

VisualStudio Magazine

Visual Studio Magazine readers have chosen GrapeCity products as winners in several categories, including Reporting, Analysis, & Visualization and Mobile Development Tools & Frameworks.

SD Times

SD Times

GrapeCity has consistently been included in SD Times' 100 listing for challenging the accepted methods of creating software with visionary ideas, creative solutions, and best-of-breed tools.



Top ComponentSource Publisher and Top Product awards since 2006 herald GrapeCity's products among the best-selling in the world for 12 years and counting.