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Adding Buttons in WijRibbon

The WijRibbon widget is a UI control that looks like a toolbar. The wijribbon can be used as the full ribbon UI or as a simple ribbon UI that allows you to save screen real estate.

ComponentOne RussCam 61 : Part 2 Day of .NET Appleton, WI FVNUG

Russ Cam™ brings you Part 2 of our series from Appleton, Wisconsin: Fox Valley .NET User Group Day of .NET! First, we hear from Adam Hoffman who is now a Microsoft Cloud Evangelist. Then, I have an interesting discussion with John Ptacek, Senior Software Engineer at Skyline Technologies, about an cool open source product called PhoneGap. Finally, Clark Sell from Microsoft talks with us about an upcoming event called ThatConference and his newsletter called Metro-Weekly.com. Stay tuned for the outtakes and photos at the end of the video.

ComponentOne RussCam 60 : Part 1 Day of .NET Appleton, WI FVNUG

Russ Cam™ travels to Wisconsin for an awesome Day of .NET! In part one of this 2-part series, I chat with Greg Levenhagen, Senior Software Engineer & Azure Architect at Skyline Technologies and VP of Fox Valley .NET User Group. Greg talks about his Kinect session at the event. Then we talk with the former VP and now president of FVNUG, Keith Burnell, about the exciting things going on at the event. Then, it's another MVP on Russ Cam! Damon Payne, Client App Dev Microsoft MVP, talks with me about his cleverly titled session, "Every JavaScipt developer is now a Windows 8 developer?" Plus, Damon tells us about how he used ActiveReports! Stay tuned until the very end for outtakes and photos and a cameo surprise cameraman with Microsoft DE, David Bost.

Creating Viewports in Spread for Silverlight

Spread for SilverLight allows end users to create and use Viewports. People who are already familiar to different versions with Spread must be aware of what a Viewport is. For those who are not aware of this term; “In context with SpreadSheet, a Viewport is a rectangular independent scrollable area which has some specific row and column count ".

Use Multiple Bins (Paper Trays) for Printing in ActiveReports

Printing is an essential feature for any Reporting tool. This stands for ActiveReports as well, which is hugely popular as a complete Reporting tool as it offers everything a report designer would require.

Drill-Down Wijmo BarChart

Charts are the best way to display data graphically. However getting insight of a single level of data through a chart might not be enough and you may want to drill down further. For Example, you have a chart displaying the total amount of Orders in yearly basis, and you may want to drill down further, in order to know the distribution in a particular year on monthly basis or on a daily basis.

ActiveReports 7, Now Available

Well, here we are; my first blog post on the ComponentOne site and I've got good news for our ActiveReports developers.  ActiveReports 7 is now available for download and purchase!

Sliding Animation in C1Menu

Animation is one of the advanced feature provided by SilverLight/WPF. Lets see how we can use it to animate C1Menu for Silverlight.

Sorting Non-Empty Cells in Silverlight FlexGrid

Sorting is one of the important features of any grid control and C1FlexGrid for Silverlight also supports this feature. You can easily sort C1FlexGrid in the ascending or descending order by clicking on the column headers just by setting the AllowSorting property to true.

Wijmo Gridview: Maintaining Scroll Position on Asynchronous Postback

Most of the developers prefer placing contents in an Update Panel so that they can avoid full page postback. But, when we place Gridview for Wijmo in an Update Panel then it loses its scroll position after the asynchronous postback as the grid is reloaded. The scrollbars are reset and the end user is required to scroll it back to the location where it was before partial postback.

Modify CheckBox Column Appearance in C1DataGrid

In C1Datagrid for Silverlight, if you include a DataGridCheckBoxColumn, you would notice that CheckBoxes inside the Column cells are grayed out in non-editable state. They appear as if the cells have been disabled.

Loading RowDetails On Demand in Silverlight DataGrid

C1DataGrid has an amazing feature to show details of a row just below it. You can put in your own content using RowDetailsTemplate. In this article, I'll explain how to load the RowDetails on demand i.e load the RowDetails only when the user clicks on the Expand/Collapse button.

Checkbox Selection in Wijmo Grid

To implement row selection via checkbox in Wijmo Gridview server control, you can add a checkbox control in Template column and then handle the RowCreated event. But, in WijGrid widget, there is a different way for achieving the same requirement.

Display PopUp for Collapsed State Content in C1OutlookBar

When MS OutlookBar is in collapsed state, it shows the content of the selected item in a popup window. However, C1OutlookBar for Silverlight does not mimic this feature; perhaps it will be added in some future version.

C1Flexgrid for LightSwitch Code Snippets

Here is another blog in our Code Snippet series. This time we'll discuss coding snippets to do the following things for C1FlexGrid for Lightswitch :

Redirecting to a Page during Partial Postback in Wijmo

Many times we require to redirect the current page to a new page after completion of some I/O operations or when an event is raised. However, in such cases redirection to a new page is not  possible due to occurrence of Page Callback. Page CallBack process performs only partial Postback whereas redirecting to a new page using Response.Redirect() or Server.Transfer() method requires a Full PostBack of the  page.

Zooming in Wijmo Charts

You can easily display data in a graphical form using Wijmo Charts. This blog explains how you can easily add Zooming ability to Wijmo Charts using simple jQuery.

Avoid Overlapping Appointments in C1Schedule for Silverlight

C1Schedule for Silverlight comes with loads of features and UI customization options for its users. However, at times customers may have such requirements which are very user specific and even the best of the controls (C1Schedule) does not support that.