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Wijgrid : Custom Filtering

One of the most common and important features of a grid is the ability to filter. You see a grid full of data and you filter it out to see data based on the filter condition. This article focusses on how to load filtered data into wijgrid directly from the server i.e data is fetched from the server based on a filter condition and loaded in wijgrid. The filter condition can be provided using a textbox or any other input element of your choice.

Editing Modes in Wijmo Grid

Since WijGrid is a data-centric grid, it provides the flexibility of editing the displayed data. It also allows end users to edit data using custom editors. However, we may have a requirement for a specific type of editing Single click editing or editing on specific columns etc.

HTML5 Everywhere : Part 2 Wijmo in LightSwitch CTP

Script 2: Implementing The Wijmo Radial Gauge In The LightSwitch HTML Client Original complete post is Written by ComponentOne Influencer: MVP Michael WashingtonGuess, What?  LightSwitch now has a HTML client!Prerequisite: LightSwitch HTML Client CTP (now included in Visual Studio 2012 Update 2 CTP)

Unbound Image Column in C1FlexGrid

Columns with images are pretty common and very useful.  Consider a very simple scenario where an image column represents the current status of an item in a grid.

ComponentOne Russ Cam™ - Episode 90: Desert Code Camp (Part 1)

RussCam travels to the Desert Code Camp in Phoenix, Arizona! In today's episode, I talk with David McCarter, a multi-talented Principal Software Engineer from San Diego. David is a Microsoft MVP and an INETA Lifetime Achievement Award winner! Find out about how one of his talks helped a fellow geek land a job and he has a video on these techniques! Geek anonymous (AA for Geeks) is another session he does which is about what geeks like and what we don’t like and how can we make things better. Techno-stress? Don’t for get about David McCarter’s coding standards book! He also has a new book on VB 2012 and .NET 4.5 Programming. David runs the San Diego .NET Developers Group. He is one very interesting guy and is even writing a book on rock tribute bands. David reminisces about ComponentOne origins with VideoSoft and he recommends C1 tools! 

Custom Printer Settings in Active Report 7

Active Reports 7 is our award-winning .NET reporting tool that allow the users to completely control the report processing engine to fit their reporting needs.

HTML5 Everywhere : Part 1 Wijmo from scratch

HTML5 is really everywhere, isn’t it? Welcome to my new multipart blog on HTML5 development. Did you ever wonder why every session at a code camp on HTML5/JavaScript/jQuery is packed ? I did, until I sat in on Josh Broton’s session at the Iowa Code Camp last year. He made it clear thru surveys and poll data, you will loose business if your site does not have a responsive web design. You could stand to loose a staggering 60% of your sales if your site is not responsive to mobile devices, tables, laptops, desktops and everything in between. Think about it…. I am sitting on my couch and need to look something up on the internet. My laptop in ten feet away, but instead of getting up and going to my laptop, I pull my Phone 8 out of my pocket and look it up on that device. The site better run good on my phone or I am off to another site, perhaps a competitor. Is your head nodding? Many nod in my seminars, I can tell you that much.

What's New in XAML 2013 v1

This first release of 2013 introduces a lot of new controls in Studio for WinRT XAML since it is a newer and faster growing platform. But that's not to say the other platforms are left in the dark. There are plenty of new and exciting features all around. Here's my top 10:

Introducing Our New MVC 4 Tools

We have been supporting MVC for about 2 years in our Studio for ASP.NET Wijmo. I am now proud to announce our new MVC 4 Tools. Our new tools include:

Using ReportViewer in MVC

Our ReportViewer WebForms Control is one of the best in the industry. It has a unique rendering engine that we call WebPaper. The technique we use is similar to what Google docs uses for their document viewer.

Orlando Code Camp with ComponentOne as Diamond Sponsor: Recap

OMG! This was an incredible event! I car pooled up to the code camp with Michael Stark… so it was the first year ever that I showed up on time for the Friday night speaker dinner . I have to remember to do that next year. I never allocate enough time to get up to Lake Mary as it is just 40 miles from Daytona and you need to figure in rush hour traffic going thru Orlando coming up from the Tampa area, as many of the speakers encountered. I forgot to pack several items including my CPAP machine, my MiFi  and my underwear (for the record, I purchased underwear up there). How I could forget these particular items is beyond me! Fiscal year end activities in March at ComponentOne have had me so swamped, that I guess I did not have my thinking cap on when I packed for the trip.

ComponentOne ClearStyle Technology White Paper

The main goal of ComponentOne ClearStyle™ technology is to allow developers to make simple visual appearance changes without having to deal with Microsoft Expression Blend, Styles and Templates.

Thoughts on Visual Studio LightSwitch after Presenting at the Pittsburgh .NET Users Group

Last week, I gave a LightSwitch 101 session to a group of experienced developers at the Pittsburgh .NET users group. This is the third such session I have given (also presented at the Hampton Roads .NET User Group and DevConnections) and the feedback has been very interesting.

Fixed Range Slider

Sometimes, you may have a requirement to let users select values within a fixed range only. For eg. the slider may display values from 0-50, however you may want the user to select a range of values whose difference is always less than or equal to 10 (or any other value of your choice).

Orlando, one of the best code camps set for this weekend: ComponentOne Diamond sponsor

This weekend, one of the best annual code camps I have been to, is taking place in Lake Mary, FL. The Orlando Code Camp 2013 will take place on Saturday, March 16th at Seminole State College. It’s looking like 700-800 registrations. I always look forward to this code camp. I have lots of great memories, including my first Russcam interview with Dave Noderer, just two years ago. I now have 90 episodes published and many more to come. The code camp gets bigger every year and they have a core group of volunteers and organizers that do an awesome job at getting sponsors and running the event with flawless execution.

ComponentOne Excel Viewer for Windows 8 and WinRT

To all my fellow Excel users who have dreamed of a new productivity app, it is now a reality. At the end of last week we released ComponentOne Excel Viewer to the Windows Store, you can download it now. It is a free app to help you to view Excel files on your Windows 8 and WinRT devices. Besides being able to view Excel files, you can also operate it by selecting a range of cells, scrolling and even some editing.  Since the changes will not be saved back to the Excel file, we also built in some other functions via the AppBar, like copy/paste, undo/redo and filter/sort to help you view the document. The Excel Viewer app provides friendly touch support so you may easily operate and manipulate items by using your finger or stylus on touch-enabled devices.

Customizations in Wijmo BarChart

Every day, we have so many requests from our customers for customizing WijBarChart as per their requirements. So, I thought why not discuss some of them here so that it may help other customers as well. In this blog, I would demonstrate how you can access the three important elements of bar chart i.e. Bars, ChartLabels and Legend and modify them as per the requirement. Here are some common customizations: