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Consecutive Page Numbers For Merged Section Reports

When  creating professional reports, page numbers are considered to be an important element The section based reports of ActiveReports 7 does have a ReportInfo control available which can be used to automatically write page number on the reports. But there are scenarios when the ReportInfo cannot be used. For example if we are creating multiple reports and merging them together to create a single report, the ReportInfo control cannot be used to write continuous page numbers on the merged report since it works on individual report level. Similarly this holds true for reports which uses subreports within it.

How To: Create a Dynamic Gantt Chart

One of the many chart types provided in ActiveReports is the Gantt Chart. The Gantt chart is a project management tool used to analyze the progress of individual project tasks. The chart shows a comparison of project task completion to the task schedule. In a Gantt chart the X and Y axes are reversed i.e the X axis is vertical and the Y axis is horizontal.

ComponentOne 2013 Roadmap

One more year has passed, and as usual there is tons of relevant news about existing and new technologies that affect all of us developers.

Archiving reports digitally with PDF/A

Document archiving is an essential requirement for organizations which are dependent on historical or sensitive data. In this electronic era, we are creating heaps of digital data and archiving them from time to time. It becomes important that these electronic documents are stored in a way that remains pertinent when referenced in future.

How To: Optimize Performance of Section Report

Sometimes when a very large report is previewed or run, Report authors and developers may experience an "Out Of Memory" exception . Before we go further, let's understand that ActiveReports is designed to run reports as quickly as possible and each time a new page is rendered it is stored in memory. This means that there is a linear correlation between the number of pages in a report and the amount of memory required to hold that document in memory.

Upgrading old WPF ActiveReports Projects to ActiveReports 7 WPFViewer

ActiveReports has been in the business of providing reporting solutions to organizations and individuals alike. Throughout the years, ActiveReports has evolved and added support for various platforms like Windows Forms, Web, Silverlight, and Flash. However official support for WPF platform remained elusive until ActiveReports 7 Service Pack 1 release which now ships with a WPFViewer Control to cater the WPF developer community.

Custom Printer Settings in Active Report 7

Active Reports 7 is our award-winning .NET reporting tool that allow the users to completely control the report processing engine to fit their reporting needs.

Orlando Code Camp with ComponentOne as Diamond Sponsor: Recap

OMG! This was an incredible event! I car pooled up to the code camp with Michael Stark… so it was the first year ever that I showed up on time for the Friday night speaker dinner . I have to remember to do that next year. I never allocate enough time to get up to Lake Mary as it is just 40 miles from Daytona and you need to figure in rush hour traffic going thru Orlando coming up from the Tampa area, as many of the speakers encountered. I forgot to pack several items including my CPAP machine, my MiFi  and my underwear (for the record, I purchased underwear up there). How I could forget these particular items is beyond me! Fiscal year end activities in March at ComponentOne have had me so swamped, that I guess I did not have my thinking cap on when I packed for the trip.

How To: Control Context Menu for Report Explorer in End User Designer

The End User Designer control is a very popular component which is available with the Professional edition of ActiveReports 7. This control not only allows the end users to view the reports but also provide them the option to make any modifications to the report layout. The Report Explorer present in the End User Designer gives you a visual overview of the report elements in the form of a tree view where each node represents a report element.

C1 RussCamTV Episode 82: IT Palooza – Part 1

It's South Florida's biggest IT holiday event, and Russ Cam is there! First, I chat with one of ComponentOne's newest employees, Ryan Sobieralski, about ActiveReports 7! He really loves visiting Ft. Lauderdale. Then, Jean-Jacques Vincent shares his experience using ComponentOne products. “ComponentOne, one and only”. And Jeff Blake talks developing with C# and singing in C#!

How To: Resize Acrobat Viewer to Fit the Page

With the Professional Edition license for ActiveReports, you can use the WebViewer control to quickly display reports in any of the four types of Viewer: HtmlViewer, RawHtml, AcrobatReader, or FlashViewer. Let us take a quick look below to get a basic idea about these viewer types:

Customize Click Event For Custom Button in Flash Viewer

Flash Viewer, as its name suggests is a Flash Based Report Viewer and users need to have Acrobat Flash Player installed on their browsers to view reports when using this viewer.

Localize ActiveReports Without Visual Studio.

ActiveReports user interface can be localized to meet the needs of all the international users. The reporting engine for ActiveReports can use locale-specific text and format data in the way users are used to seeing it in their locales without creating multiple reports.

How To: Grouping Report on Date Field

The extensive ActiveReports 7 API allows developers to completely control the report processing engine to fit their needs. Along with the simplicity of the design that allows the data to pass through quickly from processing to rendering, it provides the ability to present the report data in grouped format. Whether you need a simple listing or need a grouped view, ActiveReports is the solution. Basically, grouping refers to the segregation of data on the basis of a particular field of your data source.

Bind Section Based Report to Nested IList Collection

ActiveReports supports different types of data sources. And, it is quite common to use an IList or a collection of objects as the data source for a report. A sample is included with ActiveReports 7 installer which demonstrates this. Default location for the sample is "My Documents\ComponentOne Samples\ActiveReports Developer 7\Section Reports\C#\IListBindingSample ". However, in this article I would like to talk more about a complex/nested IList.

C1 RussCam Episode 77: SQL Saturday 132 (Part 1)

It's raining in the Sunshine State. But that's okay, because Russ Cam is safe indoors at SQLSaturday #132 in Pensacola! Russ talks with Dave Perkins about why Bit-Wizards is a big advocate of ActiveReports. Plus, find out what happened in the big Bit-Wizards football game! Then, Allen Kinsel talks with us about the event. And the organizer himself, Mark Holmes, talks about what it takes to put the whole thing together.

Display Images Using DataSet Provider in Page Based Reports

The addition of Page Based Reports has not only increased the functionality offered by ActiveReports but has also provided the developers an option to chose from different ways of creating reports. Even though the base of the Page Based Reports is derived from Data Dynamics Reports tool, it is relatively new for the customers who are upgrading from previous versions of ActiveReports.

ActiveReports7: Binding To REST Web Service Data

A RESTful web service (also called a RESTful web API) is a web service implemented using HTTP and the principles of REST. It is a collection of resources, with four defined aspects: