Build faster, modern reports for .NET apps--and distribute and display them to web apps

Lightning-fast report performance

FlexReport's powerful engine guarantees 200% better performance than C1Reports

Easy migration from Crystal Reports

FlexReport supports all primary Crystal Report features, including sections, special fields, and formatting

Beautiful data visualization

Enhanced rendering sharpens text, shape, and border rendering, with DirectWrite/DirectX in WinForms, WPF, and UWP and SVG rendering in ASP.NET MVC

Easy cross-platform .NET Reporting

Generate the report locally within the WinForms, WPF, or UWP application instead of on a server, and view reports in ASP.NET MVC and Wijmo HTML5/JavaScript

Design code-free reports in the FlexReport Designer

With snap lines, collapsible sections, chart editors, and calculated fields, you'll barely need to code at all

Flexible viewer supports multiple document types

FlexViewer, a flexible report and document viewer, allows you to view your FlexReports in desktop apps, browsers, and Windows 10 devices

Top Features

.NET Reporting Specialized field types

Specialized field types

Increase performance and facilitate customization

.NET Reporting Wizard

FlexReport Wizard

Jump-start report creation in five steps

.NET Reporting chart types

70+ chart types

Advanced data visualization is unique to FlexReport

.NET Reporting Sorting and filter on datasource

Sorting and filter on datasource

Sort and filter your data

.NET Reporting Calculated fields

Calculated fields

Evaluate expressions at data source level

.NET Reporting parameters

Report parameters

API is easy to use to set parameter properties

.NET Reporting Paragraph field

Paragraph field

Combines data types, including static text, database fields, expressions, and scripts

.NET Reporting Subsections


Organize report data for better user experience

.NET Reporting export

Export reports to multiple filetypes


FlexViewer Document Viewer

A flexible viewer for reports and documents in web, desktop, and mobile

FlexViewer, a flexible report and document viewer, allows you to view your FlexReports in desktop apps, browsers, and Windows 10 devices. 

  • Available in WinForms, UWP, WPF, and MVC
  •  FlexViewer Mobile is a responsive ASP.NET MVC report viewer, viewable on a tablet or phone.
  • Access different report sources—FlexReport, C1Report, PDFs, SSRS—in a single viewer
  • Interact with reports and documents with zoom, thumbnails, document maps, parameters, and search
  • Full print support
  • Export your document or .NET report to multiple types
  • Also available in Wijmo HTML5/JavaScript as the FlexReport ReportViewer

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.NET Reporting document viewer


Web Demos

ASP.NET MVC FlexViewer Explorer

FlexGrid 101: ASP.NET MVC FlexViewer 101

Wijmo JavaScript FlexReport ReportViewer is available with ComponentOne Ultimate.

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