Spread WPF-Silverlight CTP - Released!

Posted by: robby on 10 September 2017, 10:55 am EST

  • Posted 10 September 2017, 10:55 am EST

    We at GrapeCity PowerTools are proud to announce the release of the Spread WPF-Silverlight Community Technical Preview (CTP).  

    To participate in the CTP, please send an email to labs@GrapeCity.com.
    Please keep in mind that this is a preview...  The Spread WPF-Silverlight, Version 1 use case is "Microsoft® Excel® Spreadsheet Functionality".  We chose a subset of Excel spreadsheet features to implement for V1, and we plan to add more Excel spreadsheet features in future versions.  The Version 1 features are code-complete, and we have addressed all Priority 1 issues found during testing.  However, we are still working on the product and we realize there is plenty of work to be done before the product is ready for RTM.  
    As part of your preview, please let us know of any missing features that you consider to be core to your use case.  While I cannot make any promises about future features, your feedback is what drives our product development.
    As a reminder - Do not use this version of Spread WPF-Silverlight in production development and do not deploy this version of Spread WPF-Silverlight.  The controls contained in this CTP setup will expire and cease to function after April 30th.  By downloading this setup, you acknowledge that you accept these terms.
    Included in the CTP download is the msi setup for the Spread Silverlight and WPF controls, the SpreadSheet Designer, and the WPF and Silverlight documentation.
    Thank you,

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