Xamarin Gauges

A library of radial and linear gauge controls for Xamarin

Gauges for Xamarin include three controls including radial, linear, and bullet-graph indicators that enable you to build rich dashboards and business scorecards for visualizing key data points. In addition to animation and interaction capabilities, these gauges have a clean, modern look and feel that goes well with all popular mobile design paradigms.

Xamarin Gauges

Add Radial, Linear, and BulletGraph Xamarin gauges to your data visualization

  • Display your linear gauges in multiple directions (left-right, up-down).
  • Create radial gauges that sweep any angle between 0-360 degrees.
  • Bullet graphs are a specific type of linear gauge with pre-defined ranges and a clearly marked target value.
  • Simple data binding for clear view model binding scenarios.
  • The clean and modern gauge styles go well with all popular mobile design paradigms (Human interface, Material design, Modern UI).

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Xamarin Gauges

Labels and ranges help visualize your data

  • Qualitative ranges show whether values are good, bad or even great!
  • The ShowRanges property gives you two totally different ways to display ranges: behind the pointer or as the pointer.
  • Provide a variety of onboard text labels that provide more clarity for end-users.

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Set the Min, Max, and Value properties from an external data source

While working in XAML, you can set the Min, Max and Value properties from an external data source, instead of directly setting the properties.

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Interactive gauges provide unique editors

  • You can use the gauges as more visually engaging input controls.
  • Allow end-users to select a value by dragging or tapping the gauge pointer.

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Animation brings your dashboards to life

  • Built-in animation effects improve the user experience without any extra work from you.
  • Configure the animation settings for loading and updating.

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