• Cross-platform document viewing

    View FlexReports, PDFs, and more in four .NET platforms

  • Supports PDF viewing

    Copy, select, outline, export, and navigate PDFs

  • SSRS support

    SSRS reports are supported for WinForms, WPF, and ASP.NET MVC

  • Full-featured document viewing

    Includes full page navigation, search, and continuous scrolling

  • Full touch support

    View reports in Windows 10 devices or web browsers with full touch support. With the Xamarin Platform viewers take your documents to Android and iOS users as well.

  • Export reports and PDFs

    Export your documents to over a dozen formats

  • FlexViewer Mobile

    Viewing PDFs is supported for Xamarin. Plus, a fully responsive viewer is available for ASP.NET MVC apps.

View FlexReports and PDFs on Web, Desktop, and Mobile

SSRS reports supported in most platforms

Top viewer features

  • Full touch support​
  • Skip to pages with full pagination, document maps, thumbnails, and outlines
  • Filter results with parameters
  • Search document text
  • Jump to web pages with clickable hyperlinks
  • Continuous scrolling
  • Select and copy text to the clipboard
  • Support responsive viewers in ASP.NET MVC and JavaScript
  • Refresh and stop loading in WinForms and WPF​

.NET document viewer parameters


Navigation and Pagination​

  • Full pagination includes page numbers, first/last, and next/previous
  • Bookmarks and hand tools increase interaction
  • View navigation history in WinForms and ASP.NET MVC


  • Zoom in, out, to page width, whole page, or actual page
  • Arrange pages in one, two, or four-page layouts in WPF and UWP
  • Face pages with the cover on the right in Windows apps
  • Rotate pages in WinForms, WPF, and UWP
  • Rotate full document in Web apps

.NET document viewer magnifier

Magnifier for ASP.NET MVC

ActiveReports support available in ASP.NET MVC

Display ActiveReports in your ComponentOne web apps! ActiveReports is a powerful reporting solution that enables you to design, customize, publish, and view lightning-fast .NET reports.

Learn more

ActiveReports .NET Reporting

ActiveReports .NET report viewer for ASP.NET MVC

Print and export reports and documents​

Export your FlexReports and SSRS reports to over a dozen formats:​

  • DOCX/Open XML Word
  • Excel (XLSX, XLS)
  • HTML
  • Image types: TIFF, BMP, EMF, GIF, PNG, JPG
  • Compressed metafiles/ZIP files
  • PDF
  • RTF documents

Print support

Print support includes landscape and portrait documentation, as well as classic page setup and print layout features.​

.NET document viewer exports


PDF Support

Features include:

  • Copy text
  • Export to HTML
  • Export to images: TIFF, BMP, PNG, JPEG, GIF
  • Outlines
  • Page Navigation
  • Page rotation
  • Search
  • Supports Embedded Fonts
  • Text selection
  • Thumbnails
  • Zooming​

.NET document viewer PDF support

SSRS support available in WinForms, WPF, and ASP.NET MVC

Features include:

  • Common document viewing features like page navigation, zooming, outlines, thumbnails, and more
  • Drill through and drill down reports
  • Edit the parameters of your reports
  • Refresh the report after navigation
  • Stop report processing

.NET document viewer SSRS support

What's New

.NET document viewer What's New

ActiveReports are now supported in ASP.NET MVC.

FlexViewer Mobile for ASP.NET MVC released. Read more.

FlexReport and FlexViewer for WPF launches

What's New


Web Demos

ASP.NET MVC FlexViewer Explorer

FlexGrid 101: ASP.NET MVC FlexViewer 101

Wijmo JavaScript FlexReport ReportViewer is available with ComponentOne Ultimate.



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