• Provide Immediate Analytics

    Provide immediate analytics within your app by sorting, filtering, grouping and aggregating the data set at runtime.

  • Efficiently Query Date & Time Data

    Efficiently query against date and time information by extracting only relevant parts of the date, such as sorting by year. Aggregate data by useful functions like YTD and QTD where summaries need to be created on period-to-date.

  • Fast Query Performance

    Get fast query performance with various optimization techniques, including column-oriented and memory mapped files.

  • Small footprint

    As a small footprint C# library, it takes up very little space when used in any .NET Core application.

  • Blend Data From Multiple Sources

    Combine data from multiple data sources (including SQL Server, CSV, JSON and collections of business objects) into a single, queryable collection of objects in your C# code.

  • Easy to Use

    Use the C1DataEngine Workbench desktop app on Windows or Mac to create and visualize queries without coding, or use the command line tool to make working with C1DataEngine easier. Plus, the library ships with different types of samples (console and web).

Analyze Large Amounts of Unstructured Data

DataEngine is useful for developers who need to analyze large amounts of unstructured data, DataEngine can readily import any dataset that can be converted programmatically into an IEnumerable. From there, developers can take advantage of its high-performance, column-oriented architecture to construct analytical queries.

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Blend Data from Multiple, Disparate Data Sources

ETL processes often need to integrate data from multiple sources, such as SQL Server, CSV, or JSON. DataEngine provides mechanisms for gathering data from remote servers or local files, and then ties the data sources together using join queries. Get data from online sources like CRM, WorkFlow, or accounting systems using the ComponentOne DataConnectors.

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Self-Contained Analytics

The library is useful for developers who need to provide analytics locally within their own application, or who don't want to rely on (or pay for) external tools. DataEngine provides a small footprint library that can be used in any .NET application.

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Fast Query Performance

DataEngine uses column-oriented technology with memory mapped files. This data structure results in fast query performance suitable for in-memory analytical data processing.

Make Your UI Controls "Data Aware"

ComponentOne DataEngine simplifies data operations between data-aware controls like a DataGridView and a DataEngine query. By binding to the query using C1DataEngineCollection, users can sort grid data by clicking on the column header, or filter the data as user types a filter text in a textbox.

Visual ETL and Analysis

Use the DataEngine Workbench desktop app on Windows or Mac to create and visualize queries without coding. Further, the script and JSON generated by this workbench can be used in JavaScript applications.

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DataEngine Deep-Dive Webinar

Learn more about this low-footprint, data analysis library in our previously recorded deep-dive webinar. Developed initially as an internal component of our FlexPivot control, DataEngine is optimized for analyzing large datasets in desktop and web applications and can easily handle millions of rows. In this webinar, Product architect John Juback covers the following topics:

  • Importing data from multiple sources
  • Writing queries in code
  • Using the cross-platform DataEngine Workbench tool to build queries and visualize results
  • Adding ad-hoc data analysis to a Blazor application

Recent Blogs

(Re-)Introducing DataEngine for .NET

The ComponentOne DataEngine for .NET (C1DataEngine) is a standalone library that delivers high-performance analytics for large datasets. Its column-oriented storage model uses memory-mapped files to provide exceptional performance, often processing millions of records in a second or less.

Using the Visual Query Builder Workbench App for DataEngine

C1DataEngine is not a UI component — it’s a cross-platform .NET Standard library entirely programmed within code (C#). The Workbench application is a standalone, desktop app that supports the creation and visualization of C1DataEngine workspaces. Workspaces store all metadata, base tables, and query results. Use this application to create and execute queries without code using an intuitive visual designer, generate JSON strings that can be used to create queries programmatically, and more.

Comparing DataEngine to LINQ - Data Transformation

The ComponentOne DataEngine library (C1DataEngine) helps you transform data from multiple sources as it pertains to your business requirements. The true value of DataEngine lies in its all-in-one workspace methodology, and it’s performance improvements on top of LINQ. See the difference between some common data transformations, such as selecting, grouping, and filtering, using C1DataEngine compared to a common solution using LINQ queries.