• Provide immediate analytics

    Provide immediate analytics within your app by sorting, filtering, grouping and aggregating the data set at runtime.

  • Efficiently query date & time data

    Efficiently query against date and time information by extracting only relevant parts of the date, such as sorting by year.

  • Fast query performance

    Get fast query performance with various optimization techniques, including column-oriented and memory mapped files.

  • Small footprint

    As a small footprint C# library, it takes up very little space when used in any .NET Core application.

  • Blend data from multiple sources

    Combine data from multiple data sources (including SQL Server, CSV, JSON and collections of business objects) into a single, queryable collection of objects in your C# code.

  • Easy to use

    Use the command line tool to make working with C1DataEngine easier. Plus, the library ships with different types of samples (console and web).