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ComponentOne platinum sponsor for SMUG Dev 2013: Recap

When does Smug <> SMUG? The answer is when SMUG = Southern Most User Group, which meets in the southern most location of USA, Key West! It was the second annual SMUG event at Key West, conveniently scheduled right before the South Florida Code Camp. Hats off to Kevin Wolf, for organizing this event. It was a small crowd of about 25, but most were either MVPs, Microsoft Employees, User Group Leaders, corporate executives or industry influentials. So, the networking was second to none. I also loved the format of several 30 minute, rapid fire Microsoft Centric sessions. It kept it lively by changing up the presenters and having condensed information. Other conference organizers should take note on that format, because all loved it.  It really maximized the time I felt. The presentations were awesome as well. Zack Williamson, the IT Guy, turned Windows 8 App developer, proves that anyone can build apps even if they are not a programmer. Well, guess what Zack, you are now a coder!

How To: Resize Acrobat Viewer to Fit the Page

With the Professional Edition license for ActiveReports, you can use the WebViewer control to quickly display reports in any of the four types of Viewer: HtmlViewer, RawHtml, AcrobatReader, or FlashViewer. Let us take a quick look below to get a basic idea about these viewer types:

Wijmoscilloscope: The Power of Knockout

Wijmo is a fantastic tool to make your data visible.  Along with its partner Knockout, you can tie all of your information easily and elegantly.

A digital clock in Spread

Recently I saw someone asked in a forum, how to add a digital clock in Excel. It is a interesting question, and I thought it is easy to make one by Spread WPF-Silverlight / Spread WinRT. Just for fun, I opened the Spread Designer...

How To : Sort Column and Toggle Group through Code in WijGrid

WijGrid allows to interactively sort any column or expand/collapse any group. However, some customers have a requirement wherein they need to apply sorting on a specific column or toggle any particular group through code, based on some user action or manipulation.

Spread WPF-Silverlight Released!

I am happy to announce the release of Spread WPF-Silverlight!

Upload Image to a Spread Cell

Spread for ASP.Net supports displaying images in it's cell. There are scenarios, where the end-user (not the programmer), would like to load some image, and display the same in a Spread Cell. In this article, I am going to share information on how to allow your end users to set image inside a Spread cell dynamically. Uploading an image to a Spread cell is as simple as loading it for an image control. You may place your image under a folder on a Server and set the URL for image cell on Spread sheet to that folder.

Customize Click Event For Custom Button in Flash Viewer

Flash Viewer, as its name suggests is a Flash Based Report Viewer and users need to have Acrobat Flash Player installed on their browsers to view reports when using this viewer.

How To: Use Mouse Events on PlotElements with ChartPanel

ChartPanel makes C1Chart for Silverlight quite flexible and helps in laying several elements over chart view. This helps in implementing features like Mouse Markers. However, if one uses the ChartPanel for enabling mouse markers, the events added to PlotElements don't work because ChartPanel listens to these events and doesn't pass them to the PlotElements.  We may simply set the ChartPanel background to null to workaround the issue; however we lose the marker feature.

Recap of HTML5TX conference sponsored by ComponentOne

Austin, Texas is incredibly rich in technology, as verified by 300 attendees at the HTML5TX conference this past weekend. Conference organizer Brandon Satrom did an awesome job and took time out to be interviewed by RussCamTV, so stay tuned for that. I also ran into old friend, Jeffery Palermo,  who will be once again hosting Party with Palermo at the MVP Summit on Feb 17, another event sponsored by ComponentOne. I demonstrated Wijmo to Jeffery and he loved it and will be checking it out soon. In fact, I chatted with several folks about Wijmo, as it was a good fit for this conference and I handed out coupons for a show offer of 20 percent off to attendees. If you were at the conference and missed getting a card with 20 percent of Wijmo, please send me a tweet at www.twitter.com/russcamtv .  HTML5 client development is a real world business need. The messaging here is simple. If your app does not work properly on different size devices in the mobility space,  then you will lose business, and lots of it, period. I think Brandon is onto something here with a conference focusing on HTML5. Perhaps I should try and organize a HTML5 conference in Florida, what do you think? All I know is that every conference I attend, the rooms are packed for HTML 5 and jQuery. The attendees at the HTML5TX conference were all buzzing over the great content and presenters. I sat in on Garran Means session on …. Model-View-Websockets and she did a great job, despite being under the weather a bit. Hope you feel better Garann! I have been there as a presenter and the show must go on! The after event party was interesting, having it at the Capital Factory office with a great view from the 16th floor of the Omni hotel overlooking Austin. Capital Factory is a very cool incubation business . The food was delicious. Also, it is just a block away was the famous 6th Street, which totally blew my mind with an incredible lineup of restaurant, bars and people watching. I particularly liked Friends with some incredible music talent on both Friday and Saturday nights. It was a great way to celebrate receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award from INETA!

ComponentOne Sponsors Party with Palermo and First Time MVP parties at 2013 MVP Summit!

ComponentOne is proud to be a major sponsor at two events to kickoff the 2013 MVP summit on Feb 17, 2013. If you are an MVP attending the event, make sure you visit our booth for lots of goodies!

ComponentOne is Platinum Sponsor for Florida&rsquo;s largest, South Florida Code Camp!

ComponentOne is proud to be a platinum sponsor on what looks like an incredible conference next weekend on Feb 9 in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

30 lines code make a calculator by Spread

Can 30 lines of code make a calculator? Yes, because we have Spread.

ComponentOne to Sponsor Southern Most User Group (SMUG)

ComponentOne is proud to be a Platinum sponsor on what looks like an incredible conference this coming week on Feb 6-7 in Key West, FL.

Drag and Drop in Wijsuperpanel

The wijsuperpanel widget allows us to add elements to it and replace the browsers scrollbars with it's own scrollbars. You can read more about the wijsuperpanel here. Wouldn't it be good if we could drag and drop elements from and to the wijsuperpanel.

WijGrid : Display Total Row at The Top

The Wijmo Grid widget (wijgrid) can be used to display items from a data source in an interactive and fully customizable table. It allows end users to interactively select, edit, sort, scroll through, filter, and group data. You can also calculate aggregate values like count, sum, average etc. on the column and place them in the column footer cell or group header/footer rows using aggregate property of column as shown in this demo.

Using SpreadJS with Knockout

SpreadJS supports Knockout (KO), you can easily use Knockout with SpreadJS by following a few simple steps:

Setting Column Header Style for Active Cell

Spread for Silverlight allows you to implement lot of customization. In this blog I will explain how we can set the style for Spread cells in header. Setting style for headers is not a big task as there is already a DefaultStyle property for ColumnHeader class which you can use to set style for ColumnHeader cells. Here is an an example on how to do that: