A library of radial and linear gauge controls

Gauges for Xamarin include three controls including radial, linear, and bullet-graph indicators that enable you to build rich dashboards and business scorecards for visualizing key data points. In addition to animation and interaction capabilities, these gauges have a clean, modern look and feel that goes well with all popular mobile design paradigms.

Add Radial and Linear Gauges to your Data Visualization

  • Display your linear gauges in multiple directions (left-right, up-down).
  • Create radial gauges that sweep any angle between 0-360 degrees.
  • Bullet graphs are a specific type of linear gauge with pre-defined ranges and a clearly marked target value.
  • Simple data binding for clear view model binding scenarios.
  • The clean and modern gauge styles go well with all popular mobile design paradigms (Human interface, Material design, Modern UI).

Labels and Ranges Help Visualize your Data

  • Qualitative ranges show whether values are good, bad or even great!
  • The ShowRanges property gives you two totally different ways to display ranges: behind the pointer or as the pointer.
  • Provide a variety of onboard text labels that provide more clarity for end-users.

Interactive Gauges Provide Unique Editors

  • You can use the gauges as more visually engaging input controls.
  • Allow end-users to select a value by dragging or tapping the gauge pointer.

Animation Brings your Dashboards to Life

  • Built-in animation effects improve the user experience without any extra work from you.
  • Configure the animation settings for loading and updating.