• Effortless Selection of Multiple Items

    MultiSelect provides the most effortless approach to selecting multiple items from a .NET list. Text input with autocomplete and a drop-down of options further simplify the process for end-users.

  • Flexible, Smart Header Gives You Options

    MultiSelect has a smart header that can display items as separate tags, plain text, or summarize the count when there are too many items selected.

  • A .NET Tag Editor for Label Modifications

    The MultiSelect controls can be used to provide .NET tag editing and label editing functionality. A bound data source is not required.

Format the Header

The MultiSelect control has a customizable header that can display selected items either as text or as tags.

  • Specify the separator character and enable wrapping.
  • Configure the header to summarize the selected items once they go beyond a specified limit.
  • Set the format string to show the item count.
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.NET MultiSelect Control Header Format
.NET MultiSelect Control  with Autocomplete Edit Mode

Auto Complete Edit Mode

MultiSelect supports text input, which makes editing a list of labels or tags very easy. Once you enter some text in the control field, it starts searching for items that match the entered string and displays a list of possible results.

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Multiple Data Bindings

MultiSelect can be bound to two different data sources.

  • The DataSource is used to fill the list of all available items that are shown in the drop-down checklist.
  • The TagsDataSource can be used to propagate end-user selection to some other data source, probably with different data structures than the DataSource.
  • Furthermore, you can access selected items from the control to be used as a data source for any other control.
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.NET MultiSelect Control Data Binding From Multiple Sources
.NET MultiSelect Control Selection Modes

Extended Selection Modes

MultiSelect allows you to select specific items or all items from a defined list. You may control the selection mode (single, radio, multiple, extended), which defines how items in the list can be selected. Optionally, show or hide the checkboxes.

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Checklist Component

The C1 .NET MultiSelect control uses a separate C1CheckList component to display in the drop-down. You can use this component separately to provide a checklist for multiple item selection without the header or drop-down components. The C1CheckList allows you to highlight your selection as a checklist or as a simple list of items.

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CheckList  .NET MultiSelect Component