Provide quick navigation through months and years in WinForms apps

This feature-rich calendar control goes beyond navigation and selection of dates. The control provides you with smart tag and design time collection editors so that you can achieve the maximum with the minimum lines of code. Multi-month view, contiguous and non-contiguous selection, keyboard support, and theming options make it even more interactive and functional. Furthermore, the control supports internationalization with culture settings combined with right-to-left feature.

Quick navigation with multiple options

Users can quickly navigate through dates, months, and years in a variety of ways.

  • Navigation buttons skip ahead to the next month, or back to the previous month
  • Month and year selectors support selection from popups
  • Jump to a specific year by editing the year field

WinForms CalendarView

Customize your month view

Multiple month view properties mean you can customize date display any way you like.

Options include:

  • Ordinary dates: Dates belonging to the current month.
  • Selected dates: Dates selected either at design-time or at run-time.
  • Today's dates: Today's date, indicated with a filled rectangular box.
  • Disabled dates: Dates that are unselectable.
  • Other month dates: Dates that belong to the next and previous months but lie in the same week as that of the the first or last date of the current month.

WinForms CalendarView

Right-to-left, localization, and other built-in properties

CalendarView also supports:

  • Multi-month view to display more than one month in a calendar
  • Keyboard support for navigation
  • Vertical and horizontal orientation of months
  • Right-to-left and culture settings
  • Pre-defined themes
  • Style calendar area and elements, like title and navigation buttons

WinForms CalendarView