• Create code-free reports with the ProDesigner app

    Deliver new reports in less time with the ProDesigner* desktop app. You’ll work in the drag-and-drop designer, bind data in a few clicks, and generate reports without a line of code

  • Design the report type of your choice

    Broaden your reporting reach! Select from layout-driven page reports, data-driven RDL reports, and traditional code-based banded section reports

  • Generate dynamic code-based reports with the comprehensive API

    Develop reports entirely in code, change controls’ run-time behavior, and implement an event-based, truly dynamic reporting experience

  • Give your users the power of ad-hoc reporting

    Embedding the ProDesigner's end-user designer controls* in your solution enables users to create their own reports on the fly, with fully customizable headers, controls, and formulas

  • Design and deliver .NET reports, fast, with the Visual Studio add-in

    The fully-integrated VSDesigner Add-In includes a toolbox and properties window, providing a familiar, comfortable report design experience in the most popular IDE.

  • Embed royalty-free, customizable viewers in your apps

    Give your users a table of contents*, thumbnails, drill down interactivity, parameters, and even annotations using viewers for HTML5, ASP.NET*, ASP.NET MVC, WPF, and WinForms.

ActiveReports Professional's Top Features

Powerful reporting engine

Powerful reporting engine

ActiveReports’ high-speed reporting engine is optimized for fast imports, exports, calculations, and large report generation

Branch out with multiple report types

Branch out with multiple report types

Pick from layout-driven page reports, scrolling RDL reports, and code-based section reports to create a full-featured report library

No-code design with ProDesigner app

No-code design with ProDesigner app

Design and deliver reports quickly and easily with the desktop ProDesigner* app

Save time with master reports

Save time with master reports

Create a master report* as a template to keep consistent branding in headers, footers, logos, and more

Offer ad-hoc reporting to end users

Offer ad-hoc reporting to end users

By embedding the customizable ProDesigner* app in your solution, you can give your users a tailored ad hoc report-creation experience

Export to multiple formats

Export to multiple formats

Export to major modern document types like PDF, Excel, CSV, DocX*, JSON, Word, RTF, HTML, Text, XML, and TIFF

Explore ActiveReports' expansive feature set

Leverage built-in features and extend to your needs with the API

Deliver beautifully-designed .NET reports in less time with the ActiveReports Designers

ProDesigner App

ProDesigner App

This standalone app enables you to build complete design-based reports code-free and offer ad-hoc reporting for your end-users.

  • Easily create new reports with the drag-and-drop interface
  • Includes snap lines, guides, and subsections
  • Provides end-user ad hoc reporting
  • Not available in ActiveReports Standard
VSDesigner Add-In

VSDesigner Add-In

The Visual Studio-based designer includes full integration into the best .NET IDE.

  • Toolboxes and properties windows
  • Drag and drop controls to the design surface
  • Build code-based functions in the code behind
  • Available in ActiveReports Professional and Standard

What's New in ActiveReports 12

What's new in ActiveReports 12, Service Pack 2

Series line added to stacked bar charts

Tablix control has been enhanced for rendering performance.

By customer request, we've improved joins in the Visual Query Designer. When joining tables that contain one or more fields with the same name (for instance, OrderID in the Orders and OrderDetails tables), Visual Query Designer now creates unique names for each of these fields.

A new report sample demonstrating how to implement datset joins, called Flight On-Time Performance, is now available in the Documents\GrapeCity Samples\ActiveReports 12 directory.

Add and customize series lines in column and bar charts. Properties include Style, Width, and Color.

Change the text orientation in chart axis points with Text Orientation property. Options include Auto, Angle, Horizontal, Rotated90, Rotated270, and Stacked.

CrossSectionBox now includes a CloseBorder property, so you can now choose to close the border of the control if your report spans across multiple pages.

Now you can display geospatial data directly on the Map with new function =MapPoint(<Latitude>,<Longitude>). This function is available for a map Point Layer only.

Combine unlimited related datasets from different data sources with the Dataset Joins feature8 Enable report authors to combine related datasets from different data sources--all in the same report! If you have data from a CRM, SCM, and ERP, you can use Dataset Joins to join them in nested Tables, Tablix and other data regions in ActiveReports 12 using expressions.

CSV export and JSON export are now supported.

Page reports now support subreports: Subreports, which have always been available in section and RDL reports, are now available in fixed page layout reports.

What's New Roadmap

Manage, publish, and scale your reports with ActiveReports Server Core

ActiveReports Server

Manage, publish, distribute, and store reports online with ActiveReports Server

Manage, publish, distribute, and store reports online

Add ActiveReports Server Core and get:

  • Report scheduling and exporting in the end-user web portal
  • Web-based administrator functions like monitoring, managing, and configuring reports and end user roles
  • Built-in load balancing
  • Plug-and-play scalability
  • Multi-tenant deployment
  • Server-based print management
  • Single sign-on support

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