The SpreadJS product family, which includes Spread.Sheets and Spread.Views, are powerful JavaScript spreadsheets and grid components that developers use to create data views, numerical models, forms, dashboards, and reports for the web.

Pure JavaScript

SpreadJS doesn’t require external libraries or frameworks such as jQuery. External frameworks are supported, but not required

Modular--Use only what you need

SpreadJS is modularized, so you only need to load the JavaScript that contains the features you need, allowing you to optimize the size of your web page or app’s payload

High-performance canvas rendering

SpreadJS renders precise views to the HTML canvas for a fast, interactive user experience that is accurate across all browsers

Full Angular support for Spread.Sheets

Develop enterprise spreadsheet applications using the Angular framework

Platform independent

SpreadJS is a client-side component, so it will work for Windows, Linux, and MacOS as well as mobile operating systems such as Android and iOS

Runs in all modern browsers

SpreadJS is tested in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, and Internet Explorer in both mobile and desktop form

Touch support

Touch controls are available on touch-enabled devices



JavaScript spreadsheet and grid with Excel-like features, calculation engine, designer, and more

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JavaScript data presentation component that provides many layouts such as grid, card, and trellis

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What's New

New Component - Spread.Views

With this release of SpreadJS, we are announcing our newest product Spread.Views. This is a data presentation component that helps you quickly create modern data layouts such as grid, news feed, trellis, card, masonry, timeline, and more. For a limited time, Spread.Views will be packaged with SpreadJS (Spread.Sheets + Spread.Views). Learn more about Spread.Views

What's New

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