• A complete high-performance JS app toolbox in one spreadsheet control

    Leverage the extensive JS spreadsheet API and powerful calculation engine to create analysis, budgeting, dashboard, data collection and management, scientific, and financial applications

  • Deliver true Excel-like spreadsheet experiences, fast.

    Import, modify and export your most complex Excel spreadsheets. SpreadJS offers the most complete Excel-like experience, including tables, charts, shapes, sparklines, conditional formatting, filtering and an extensive library with no Excel dependencies.

  • Code-free extensibility and customization with the Spread Designer Apps

    Instantly design feature-rich Excel-like spreadsheets with the SpreadJS Designers for desktop and web

  • Powerful calculation engine includes 450+ functions

    With more built-in functions than other JavaScript spreadsheets, custom functions, and the formula text box, your computing power is optimized for big data and complex calculations

  • Pure JavaScript with TypeScript, Angular, Vue and React support

    With no external libraries or frameworks like jQuery, your JavaScript spreadsheets will be light, customizable, and easy to use in VSCode—and include support for Angular, React, and Vue.js

  • Optimize your web app size and speed in any browser

    SpreadJS is modular, so you only need to add what you use to your JavaScript spreadsheet apps, and this client-side component works in Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS, and is tested for all modern browsers

JavaScript Spreadsheet Top Features

Powerful calculation engine with 450+ functions in JavaScript spreadsheet

Powerful calculation engine with 450+ functions

This high-speed, optimized engine adds computing power to even the most complex formulas without dragging down your apps, includes more functions than any other spreadsheet component, and supports custom functions.

Import/export Excel files in JavaScript spreadsheet

Import/export Excel files in JavaScript spreadsheet

No JavaScript spreadsheet is complete without full Excel import/export support! Import your most advanced Excel spreadsheets and then export your SpreadJS spreadsheet to XLSX... all with zero dependencies on Excel.

Visualize data with charts and sparklines in JavaScript spreadsheet

Visualize data with charts and sparklines

Offer insight into your data with interactive charts and sparklines. With most Excel charts, interactions, and animations, your dashboards and analytical spreadsheets will come to life.

Built-in globalization

Built-in globalization

Select from the available cultures, create your own custom culture or use the CalcEngine Language pack to localize your applications. Adjust date masks, languages, number separators, currencies, enter functions using the local language, and more.

Data presentation controls in JavaScript spreadsheet

Data presentation controls

Take advantage of tables, filtering, conditional formatting, and shapes to offer an expanded Excel-like experience.

No-code design with Spread Designers in JavaScript spreadsheet

No-code JS spreadsheet design with Spread Designers

Choose from the powerful desktop Designer App or the convenience of the Web Designer—you’ll get code-free spreadsheet apps in no time.

Explore SpreadJS's Excel-like feature set

Click to try the JS spreadsheet demos and look at the code

Design JavaScript spreadsheet apps code-free with the Spread Designers

Spread Designer App for JavaScript spreadsheets

Spread Designer App

Design data views and forms in a familiar Excel-like desktop interface complete with a file menu, ribbon, and spreadsheet. Download it to your desktop and build an app right away.

  • Import and export Excel files
  • Export templates to JSON for easy loading into your web app
  • Manage layouts, formulas, and views code-free
Spread Web Designer for JavaScript spreadsheets

Spread Web Designer

The Web Designer demo offers an Excel-like experience right in your web browser, with templates, a ribbon, file menu, and full SpreadJS functionality.

  • Experience the potential of a full SpreadJS app
  • Export your spreadsheet and load into your SpreadJS app
  • Contact sales to buy the Web Designer source code separately and create your own web designer

What's New in SpreadJS 12

JavaScript Spreadsheet What's New

Excel shapes in SpreadJS spreadsheet

The biggest news from SpreadJS 12 is the arrival of shapes. Draw shapes, create interactions, and change them with data--it's up to the developer.

Shapes, like those in the car example, can be free-form, and 60+ built-in shapes are also included in the feature. Built-in shapes include everything from basic rectangles to arrows, balloons, and action buttons:

With rich text formatting, users can now add bold, italics, font, and all basic formatting to a single cell! It's a popular request from customers and a valuable feature for new users. The designer will also include a rich text editor.

SpreadJS column, bar, line, and pie chart now include seamless loading and updating animation.

These new charts (also available in Excel) have full Designer support.

Radar charts displays multivariate observations with an arbitrary number of variables; it's often used to show personality traits.

A sunburst chart visualizes hierarchical data from a root node (center) outward to lower hierarchies. A segment of the inner circle is a parent to the segments of the outer circle which lie within the angular sweep of the parent.

A Treemap chart displays hierarchical information combined with relative quantity.

Excel's new precision selection allows users to select a large range, and then deselect specific cells. SpreadJS has added this as a feature.

Barcode sparklines are implemented as a rendered formula, and can be used in order forms, for tracking purposes, and as website links (QR Codes).

Just like in Excel, a status bar at the bottom of SJS shows similar information. Developers will need to make a new class to support it.

Table enhancements include auto-add row, resizing, and tab navigation.

What's New Roadmap

About SpreadJS Licensing

A hostname deployment license is required to deploy your SpreadJS application

One deployment license is included with the SpreadJS Developer License + SpreadJS One (1) Hostname Deployment License bundle. To deploy SpreadJS apps to additional hostname(s), you'll need to purchase additional hostname deployment licenses. Read more about SpreadJS licensing.

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Commercial OEM and SaaS Licensing

If you want to use SpreadJS to create your own commercially licensed SDK, or web application builder, choose the Commercial OEM license. Since use cases vary widely, Commercial OEM and SaaS licenses are customized for each customer.

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