Deliver Ribbon and status bar functionality with the same pixel-perfect look and feel as Microsoft Office

Saveable templates and multiple themes ensure that you can develop your interface faster than ever.

Controls for a Consistent Application

The Ribbon is a region at the top of the screen that replaces traditional menus, toolbars, and task panes with a simpler system of interfaces. Ribbon for WinForms doesn't stop there. It includes three controls that make up a consistent-looking application container.

These three controls include:

  • Ribbon is the main Ribbon control which includes the application menu, Quick Access Toolbar (QAT) as well as the customizable tabs and groups used to display related commands.
    • Supported elements include:
      • Application Menu
      • Tabs
      • Groups (with optional Dialog Launcher Button)
      • QAT (Quick Access Toolbar)
      • Configuration Toolbar
      • Gallery
      • Toggle Group
      • Toolbar
      • Menu
      • Color Picker
      • Combo Box
      • Font Combo Box
      • Text Box
      • Numeric Box
      • Date Picker
      • Time Picker
      • Check Box
      • Button
      • Toggle Button
      • Split Button
      • Label
      • Separator
      • Track Bar
      • Progress Bar
      • Ribbon Control Host
  • StatusBar is a Ribbon-styled status strip control docked to the bottom of the form.
  • RibbonForm is a class that provides a Ribbon-styled Windows Form containing a title bar and a client region.

WinForms Ribbon Control

No-code Design Experience

Ribbon features extensive design-time support, including ComponentOne SmartDesigner® technology. Activate the context-sensitive floating toolbars with one mouse click, and make changes right on the design surface. This no-code design experience provides hassle-free customization of the Quick Access Toolbar (QAT), tabs, groups, and other interface elements. Ribbon for WinForms also provides SmartTags, collection editors, and more.

WinForms Ribbon Control

Microsoft Office 2016 Visual Styles and Themes

Ribbon UI elements achieve a look that is pixel-perfect with the Microsoft Office interface and includes Office and Windows-based themes.

WinForms Ribbon Control

Host Any WinForms Control

Ribbon supports any third party WinForms control. You can incorporate arbitrary controls in the Ribbon by using the RibbonControlHost element. For example, a map is hosted in the Ribbon container in the screenshot below this text.

WinForms Ribbon Control
WinForms Ribbon Control

Application Menu

Using ComponentOne SmartDesigner® technology, you can quickly change the Application button's image and customize the Application menu. For example, display menu items as images, text, or both. The Application menu can display as the original, round button look introduced in Office 2007 or the newer Windows 7+ look.

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