Web API: Export Charts to Images and Grids to Excel

You're using a web app, and you bring up a fabulous chart displaying exactly the information you need, perfect for a presentation... and then you have to find the Snipping Tool or lean on Alt-PrintScreen to grab a screenshot because, oops, sorry! That chart exists only in this moment on this web application, on this device. I've been there, you've been there, and your users have been there. ComponentOne Studio FlexChart for MVC, Candlestick This is perfect!... Now what? You'll be thrilled to know that with our summer 2015 release, GrapeCity has released the Web API for ASP.NET MVC, a web service engineered to resolve your most common import/export issues. Web API will eventually be available across all of our web platforms (even desktop, eventually), and it's currently available in our newest Edition, MVC. Not only does the Web API work with FlexChart and all of our Gauges and Graphs for MVC—exporting those outputs to pdf, jpg, bmp, gif, png, and tiff—but it also integrates with our industry-famed FlexGrid to import and export with Excel. File types include xlsx, xls, and csv, and the export includes layout, style, data, headers, formatted text, grouped data, even column headers and calculated values. It's fully integrated as a Visual Studio template, so customization is up to you. ComponentOneStudio_MVC_WebAPI_FlexGrid_ExportImport Because there is no school like the old school, I'll take mine in an XLS, please. I love this feature. I keep thinking of how, in my previous firm, we created a beautiful mapping tool for the firm's architecture projects, and everyone who used it had one question: so how do I get it in PowerPoint? The team's project management tool, an involved, intricate spreadsheet of hours planned and hours billed, lived only in the web browser; PMs always wanted to know how to download it so they could work with it offline. Web API + FlexGrid = supercharged grids. With this API, the solution would have been self-evident: export it. Users always want to know "What's next?" and the Web API answers. What's next is whatever you want. How to integrate Web API into your MVC projects >>

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