• 300+ fast, extensible controls

    Ban the bloat! These optimized, modular controls are incredibly lightweight, and built to be extended

  • Powerful server-side Web API

    Empower and extend your web apps with a server-side API that includes services for image, Excel, barcode, data engine, PDF, and reporting

  • Specialized controls for enterprises

    Take your enterprise desktop apps even farther with FinancialChart, OLAP, FlexPivot, and FlexReport Designer source code

  • Full Visual Studio 2019 and Windows 10 Support

    Seamless Visual Studio 2019 integration means you won't compromise functionality for older apps, and you'll still get full support for modern operating systems

Specialized Controls

These specialized controls and services are available only in ComponentOne Studio

.NET Spreadsheet Control


Develop a familiar, Excel-like experience with a fast, lightweight spreadsheet control. Available in WPF.

.NET OLAP Pivot Table


Process and aggregate millions of rows in milliseconds. Available in WinForms and WPF.



A server-side API to empower and extend your web apps

.ET Financial Chart


Build sophisticated financial dashboards quickly and easily with this 8-chart control



Increase your productivity with a Visual Studio-based spell-checker

FlexReport Designer Source Code

FlexReport Designer Source Code

Customize the FlexReport Designer when you dig into the source code

What's New

What's New in ComponentOne

Sparklines in WinForms

A new ComponentOne Control Panel is available that makes it much easier to install, version, update, license, and maintain your ComponentOne libraries.

Visual Studio 2019 Support

All of the ComponentOne controls have been tested against and fully support Visual Studio 2019.

More included Platforms

ComponentOne Enterprise licenses that are purchased new or renewed in 2019 will now include ComponentOne Studio for Xamarin and the JavaScript components that are a part of Wijmo Core. Specialized enterprise web controls for MVC (including OLAP, FlexSheet, MultiRow, and Financial Chart) will be moving to ComponentOne Ultimate.

The WinForms’ DataFilter has left beta and has additional features:

  • Automatically generates a checklist from the main data source when generating a filter.
  • ToolTips support has been added
  • Added a class to support custom filters
  • A Calendar filter option has been added

Also new in WinForms, the BulletGraph is a type of linear gauge designed specifically for use in dashboards and information screens. It displays a single key measure along with a comparative measure and qualitative ranges to instantly signal whether the measure is good, bad, or in some other state.

CollectionView provides a view for grouping, sorting, filtering and navigating a collection. It’s now available for WinForms alongside Xaml and Xamarin.

The C1FlexPivotSlicer control in WinForms provides a quick way to edit filters applied to PivotField objects. It provides buttons the user can click to filter data based on values and indicates the current filtering state, which makes it easy to understand what is shown in filtered C1FlexPivotGrid and C1FlexPivotChart controls. A similar OLAP Slicer control has been added to MVC.

The Control Wizard for MVC has been updated so that you can use OLAP, Tab, DashboardLayout controls. It provides improved support for licensing and updating project resources and Web.config

A Drawing Tools sample project for FlexChart has been added for WinForms. It demonstrates actions such as adding/editing chart elements (e.g. annotations, series, trendline) via it's chart toolbar.

There is also a new Multi-Column Combo sample available for ASP.NET MVC that demonstrates extending a FlexGrid cell dropdown to contain a pageable FlexGrid that displays multiple columns.

FlexPie now supports automatic data label’s placement to avoid overlapping. The public API includes a new Enum member PieLabelPosition.Auto.

The WPF Simplified Ribbon has been updated to use C1Icon for a greater degree of button customization. It also has improved themes support.

FlexGrid has been updated with full text filtering capabilities for WPF and UWP. This allows search box style filtering where you can match case, match whole word, match numbers, and treat spaces as an “And” operator. It also has been updated with improved customization using C1Icon.

The Xamarin FlexGrid has been updated with improved animations when interacting with data in the grid. It also has a new Export feature.

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