Smarter controls for masked and numeric input in UWP

Provide smarter input for phone numbers, zip codes, percentages, and more. With ComponentOne Inputâ„¢ for UWP, you get two controls for masked and numeric input. Quickly gather valid input while displaying formatted text automatically.

Masked Input

Provide input mask validation with MaskedTextBox for UWP. The MaskedTextBox control provides a text box with a mask that prevents users from entering invalid characters.

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Include Prompts and Literals

With the MaskedTextBox control, you can provide instant, code-free formatting on user input using the Mask property. Choose whether or not to show prompt characters and literals by setting one property. The prompt character indicates to the user that text can be entered, using characters like _ or *. Literals are non-mask characters that will appear as themselves within the mask, like / or -.

UWP Masked Textbox


MultiSelect extends ComboBox and adds checkboxes next to each item in the drop-down list, allowing users to select multiple items from a list. Learn more

UWP MultiSelect


NumericBox for UWP provides a text box for displaying and editing formatted numeric values like currencies and percentages. The control comes complete with smart input and increment buttons.

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Standard Format Strings

Provide instant formatting on user input using the Mask or Format properties. The MaskedTextBox and NumericBox controls support the standard formatting strings defined by Microsoft, and use the same syntax as the classic Windows Forms controls. Using the Format property, you can use the familiar .NET format strings to display numbers in several formats with support for decimal places. Supported formats include: fixed-point (F), number (N), general (G), currency (C), exponential (E), hexadecimal (X), and percent (P).

UWP Numeric Input

Numeric Range

With the NumericBox control, you can restrict input to a specific numeric range by setting the Minimum and Maximum properties.


The RangeSlider control extends the basic slider control and provides two thumbs, making it possible for users to select a range. Users can drag each thumb individually or drag the center to modify both at the same time.

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Watermark Support

Using the Watermark property, you can provide contextual clues of what value users should enter. The watermark is displayed in the control when no text has been entered.