A robust grid with useful features

Upgrade your grid and get more useful features with ComponentOne DataGrid™ for WPF. The robust and data-bound WPF DataGrid makes it easy to display, edit, analyze, and export tabular data in your WPF applications.

Boost Grid Performance with Virtualization and Interactive Features

  • Achieve optimal performance with UI Virtualization when handling large data sets
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  • Deferred scrolling also improves performance
  • DataSource works with DataGrid and provides server-side data virtualization features
  • A fully interactive grid enhances end-user experience with features like editing, filtering, grouping, and freezing
  • Export your grid to Microsoft Excel® with just a few lines of code

WPF DataGrid

Grouping, Filtering, and Selection

  • Drag-and-drop grouping makes column grouping easy, especially when expandable nodes are automatically generated
  • Show calculated aggregate functions or totals in grouped header rows
  • Conditional filtering provides familiar, Excel-like drop-down menus
  • With user-selected, multivalue filtering, users can drill further into grid data
  • Give end users multiple cell selection options

WPF DataGrid

Customize the Grid View with Row, Column, and Cell Options

  • Built-in column types cover all the common data types, along with a selection of custom column editors
  • Create a master-detail grid for hierarchical data with a RowDetails template
  • Design your own data template for each DataGrid row, and create composite columns to combine data from many different data fields
  • Create and add custom rows to the grid, like a custom filter row or a row with an embedded UIElement
  • Merge adjacent cells with equal values automatically, or perform merging at run time
  • Enable the new row bar so users can add their own new rows

WPF DataGrid