.NET UI controls are reusable design elements that help developers implement a wide variety of features in their software applications in less time. ComponentOne provides a complete set of high-performing, flexible .NET controls including datagrids, charts, input and more.

  • 400+ Fast, Extensible Controls

    Using the same control in two platforms? No problem. Our API is unified across platforms for easy migration and built to be extended.

  • Powerful Server-Side Web APIs

    Empower and extend your web apps with a server-side API that includes services for imaging, Excel, barcode, data engine, PDF, and reporting.

  • *JavaScript Controls Included with Wijmo

    Studio Enterprise subscribers get access to Wijmo's 100+ JavaScript UI controls with full framework support.

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  • Full .NET 6 and Visual Studio 2019 Support

    Build apps that target the latest version of .NET with seamless Visual Studio 2019 integration including toolbox support and project templates.

Supported Platforms and Editions

For development platforms new and old, we have you covered

What's New

The ComponentOne 2021 v2 release includes the debut of our WinUI controls for developing modern Windows desktop applications, as well as a ton of new controls for .NET 5 WinForms, WPF, Blazor and ASP.NET MVC. Our re-branded .NET Data Services can also be licensed separately or along with our WinForms controls.
Find Out What's New in ComponentOne 2021 v2

WinUI Desktop Controls (Beta)

WinUI Desktop Controls (Beta)

ComponentOne WinUI Edition is a native UI library for Windows desktop applications based on the WinUI3 framework. The beta release of WinUI Edition includes FlexGrid, a powerful datagrid with superior cell customization and high performance virtualization, as well as essential calendar and accordion layout controls.

WinForms Data Services Edition

WinForms Data Services Edition

If you're an existing WinForms developer you will love our new WinForms Data Services Edition. We've combined our classic UI controls together with our powerful .NET Standard data service components to make working with data easier. They include data connectors for accessing and integrating data from various online sources, data binding components for virtualizing large data sets, and much more.

Enhanced WPF FlexGrid Filtering

Enhanced WPF FlexGrid Filtering

We've made vast improvements to the WPF FlexGrid filtering UI. The new and improved column menu allows end-users to perform column-based actions at runtime like sorting, grouping, filtering and auto-sizing. The built-in filters deliver Excel-like functionality unique for each column data type.