• Flexible, extensible API

    Your extensive feature set won’t bloat the core control. FlexGrid includes flexible data binding, multi-format export and import, data presentation formatting, and exhaustive samples and customization

  • Cross-platform availability and design

    FlexGrid is available in over 10 platforms, including Xamarin and Wijmo JavaScript, and provides the same basic features in any device.

  • 10x faster at initial load

    FlexGrid is up to 10x faster at loading and scrolling than the competition's data grid controls

  • Small footprint won’t add bloat

    Assemblies range from less than 150 KB (ASP.NET MVC) to 1,314 KB at most (WinForms)


Web Demos

ASP.NET MVC Control Explorer: Core | MVC

FlexGrid 101: Core | MVC

Wijmo JavaScript: Demo | FlexGrid 101

LightSwitch Cloud Business Apps
Silverlight: Control Explorer | ExcelBook