Extends the CollectionView class to support loading and saving data to and from OData sources.

You can use the ODataCollectionView class to load data from OData services and use it as a data source for any Wijmo controls.

In addition to full CRUD support you get all the CollectionView features including sorting, filtering, paging, and grouping. The sorting, filtering, and paging functions may be performed on the server or on the client.

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The PrintDocument class makes it easy to create documents for printing or exporting to PDF. Most browsers allow you to select the paper size, orientation, margins, and whether to include page headers and footers.

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PDF Module

Create and export PDF files. FlexGridPdfConverter is a PdfDocument-based JavaScript library that provides methods to export FlexGrid to PDF without using any server-side code. PdfDocument is an extension of the PDFKit, a JavaScript PDF generation library, that provides API for drawing text, vector graphics and images.

In addition, Wijmo uses WebWorkers to process the exporting of PDF files on a separate thread than the application UI. This allows the applications to stay usable and the PDF export to churn along in the background.

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Excel Module

Provide client-side Excel xlsx file save/load capabilities for the FlexGrid control with the FlexGridXlsxConverter class.

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