Adding (and refreshing) totals when filtering in C1FlexGrid

ComponentOne grids are relied upon by banks and other financial institutions for high-performance, high-throughput data visualization and manipulation. Often it is a requirement that users be able to sort and filter their data for analysis or reporting purposes. This blog and sample show how to enable the user to change the filter and restore column totals. This sample describes the following scenario: -FlexGrid is bound to a data source -Filtering is enabled -Column totals are enabled When the filter changes, the data source is reset and the old totals are cleared. To restore them, the sample calls the SubTotal method in response to the AfterDataRefresh event. Here's a simple screenshot (the data is filtered to "SupplierID" of "2" and the UnitsInStock and Discounted columns are subtotaled.) Screenshot of the filter row with subtotals You can download this sample here:


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