• Fast performance

    Designed from the ground up for maximum performance and speed, Spread.NET is the perfect spreadsheet choice for every application.

  • Provide the ultimate flexibility

    Use the extensive API to customize Spread and control every aspect of workbooks, worksheets, ranges, and cells.

  • Full Excel compatibility, with no Excel dependency

    We give you the features you expect for seamless Excel compatibility with NO Excel dependency. Create, import, and export native Excel files

  • 462 Excel functions available

    Use the integrated calculation engine with more functions than any other .NET Excel spreadsheet solution

  • Powerful calculation engine

    The Spread.NET API can handle huge numbers of rows and columns and crunch massive data to meet the requirements of the most demanding apps

Familiar Excel Spreadsheet UI

Workbook Support

Present data in a grid, a single spreadsheet, or in a multiple sheet workbook. However you choose to display data, you get features such as a function library, grouping, sorting, filtering, and conditional formatting.

.NET Spreadsheet Authoring

Whether you are working in bound or unbound mode, users will enjoy an easy click-to-edit spreadsheet authoring workflow.

Style and Formatting

Format cells exactly the way you wish with features such as fonts, alignment, merging, borders, and shading. Apply data type formatting, such as currency, to cells.

Spreadsheet Component Familiar UI

Excel-like Spreadsheet Features and Excel Compatibility

Excel-like Data Display

Sort, filter, group, and outline flat and hierarchical data to get the view you need. Table formatting and conditional formatting are also supported.

Excel Features

Give your users the spreadsheet features they expect such as drag-fill, drag move, hidden columns, hidden rows, shapes, cell protection, and frozen panes.

Excel Import/Export Support

Spread imports Excel files with features, formatting, and security rules intact. If the Excel file has a feature unsupported in Spread, it will still be preserved upon Excel export.

.NET Excel Spreadsheet Component Excel-like Data Display

Print and Print Preview

Full Set of Print Options

Spread fully supports printing and includes a print settings and preview window you can display in your applications.

Print API

Customize Print behavior to your specifications by coding against the print API.

PDF Export

Export and share your .NET spreadsheet views to platform independent PDF files.

.NET Excel Spreadsheet Component Print and Print Preview

Modern Technology

Works with Microsoft’s Latest Releases

Spread.NET is fully tested in Visual Studio 2015 and Windows 10. It can also import/export Excel 2016 files and includes Excel 2016 themes.

The Latest Versions of All Modern Browsers

ASP.NET applications created with Spread.NET will run in the latest releases of Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari. Touch interactions are also supported.

All .NET Development Platforms

Spread.NET includes components for Windows Forms, WPF, ASP.NET, and WinRT.

.NET Spreadsheet Component Works with Microsoft

Visual Designers for Creating .NET Spreadsheets, Data Views, Dashboards, and Input Forms

.NET Spreadsheet Designer Application

Included application helps you lay out data views and forms in a familiar Excel-like interface. Use it to create new forms or import Excel files.

Spreadsheet Designer Component

Embed the spreadsheet designer component in your applications to give your end-users ad-hoc data view design features.

.NET Spreadsheet Component Designer Application

Powerful Calculation Engine

Built-in Excel Function Library

Choose from over 460 functions and apply them to individual cells, rows/columns, or entire sheets.

Advanced Function Support

Take advantage of cross-sheet referencing, structured formulas, and array formulas. You can also create your own custom functions.

Formula Text Box Control

Add an Excel-like formula text box to your applications.

.NET Spreadsheet Component Excel Calculation Engine

Cell Types for Data Input, Validation, and Display

Editable Cell Types

Choose from a library of cell types, such as date or number, that automatically add input controls and enforce data validation rules.

Graphical Cell Types

Cell types, such as barcode, button, and image are included to display data in a specific format.

Custom Cell Types

Spread is fully extensible, so you can create your own cell types tailored to your needs.

.NET Spreadsheet Component Cell Types

Powerful Charting Features

Complete Chart Collection

Visualize data with over 80 chart types such as line, column, financial, polar, and radar. Multiple axes and 3D charts are also supported.

Chart Component

Spread adds a separate chart component to your toolbox so you can use the chart anywhere in your application.

Chart Designer

Use the point-and-click designer to select a chart type, select data, format axes, design series, and more.

.NET Spreadsheet Component Charts

More Features for .NET Spreadsheets

.NET Spreadsheet Component Dashboards


Use Spread to create complete dashboards, giving your decision makers a snapshot of the current trends or KPIs to make informed decisions

.NET Spreadsheet Component Sparklines


Show data trends with column, line, and win-loss Sparklines

.NET Spreadsheet Component Conditional Formatting

Conditional Formatting

Add conditional elements such as performance indicators, icon sets, data bars, and color scales

.NET Spreadsheet Component Tables


Format data sets with features such as pre-defined table styles, automatic filtering, sorting, structured references, and named items

.NET Spreadsheet Component Cell Formatting

Cell Formatting

Full styling options for text, alignment, borders, and colors. Also: Format data for numbers, currency, dates, images, links, buttons, and more

.NET Spreadsheet Component Cell Borders

Cell Borders

All border design properties including diagonal borders, thickness, color, and style are supported

.NET Spreadsheet Component Flexible Data Binding

Flexible Data Binding

Bind individual cells, ranges, tables, or entire sheets to any data source. Mix bound and unbound modes on the same sheet

.NET Spreadsheet Component Groups, Outlines, and Subtotals

Groups, Outlines, and Subtotals

Organize and summarize your data with Excel-like automatic and manual groups, outlines, and subtotals

.NET Spreadsheet Component Clipboard Support

Clipboard Support

Spread fully supports clipboard operations, including spreadsheet specifics like paste all cell info or only data, formatting, or formulas

.NET Spreadsheet Component Sorting and Filtering

Sorting and Filtering

Give your users Excel-like sorting and filtering features, including Outlook-style drag-and-drop

.NET Spreadsheet Component Themes


Spread includes themes from Office 2003 through 2016 and other professionally designed skins. Create your own with the skin editor

.NET Spreadsheet Component Fully Documented API

Fully Documented API

Customize your Windows Forms, ASP.NET, WPF, and WinRT applications to fit your needs with Spread’s comprehensive API

.NET Spreadsheet Component Scroll Tips

Scroll Tips

Show a tooltip containing a content preview on the scroll bar as a user scrolls

.NET Spreadsheet Component Localization Support

Localization Support

Spread controls honor culture settings for symbols such as currency, will render any character set, and you can localize interface strings. Double-byte characters and right-to-left layout are also supported

.NET Spreadsheet Component Camera Shapes

Camera Shapes

Camera shapes allow you to embed a live view of a range and place it anywhere else in the workbook. Embed a portion of one sheet on another in a floating object

.NET Excel Spreadsheet Component Multiple headers

Multiple headers

.NET Excel Spreadsheet Component Cell merging

Cell merging

.NET Excel Spreadsheet Component Named items

Named items

.NET Excel Spreadsheet Component Search


.NET Excel Spreadsheet Component Shapes


.NET Excel Spreadsheet Component Comments


.NET Excel Spreadsheet Component Zoom


.NET Excel Spreadsheet Component Sheet and cell protection

Sheet and cell protection

What's New in Spread.NET 11

.NET Excel Spreadsheet Component What's New

Filter by color on "no fill"

Important breaking changes in Spread.NET 11 and Spread.NET 11 for Windows Forms. Read more

Spread.NET for WinForms: Enhanced row filter user interface now supports filtering by Color on "No Fill," like Excel

Spread.NET for ASP.NET MVC: To reduce the view state size for cases with many hidden cells, the new property AllowGenerateHiddenData can be set to false

Major performance improvements: Spread.NET is now two to ten times faster when filtering and processing, and uses significantly less memory than version 10. Users will see marked improvements, especially when filtering and importing files

462 functions now available! The functions are for use in scientific, statistical, engineering and business formulas See all functions

Sheet protection and cell validation is now available

New API has been added to get and set document properties

What's New

Award-winning Spreadsheets for .NET, JavaScript, and COM

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