FlexSheet Features

Fast and Flexible

FlexSheet is focused on the key features from Excel: it’s small, fast, and built to be extended. This philosophy allows us to maintain a small core built on HTML5 and javascript while offering you limitless possibilities for extensibility.

Formula Support

Includes a calculation engine for built-in formula support, complete with nearly 100 formulas and auto-completion. Our formula operations were built to align with Microsoft Excel, including operations for aggregation, mathematics, logic and text.

Import and Export Excel Files

Offer a flexible HTML5 spreadsheet experience across applications by allowing users to import existing Excel spreadsheets into FlexSheet, modify them, and then export back to an Excel file.

Provide a Familiar Experience

From keyboard navigation to data entry, FlexSheet’s features were designed to feel familiar to your users. FlexSheet’s Excel-like features increase productivity from the start—skip the training and make your users feel at home.

Flexible Data Binding

FlexSheet can be unbound, but it also supports databinding like a grid. In bound mode, columns can be defined and data bound just like our FlexGrid —in fact, FlexSheet uses and extends FlexGrid. In unbound mode, you can start with a blank sheet and programmatically set cell values.

Build an AngularJS Spreadsheet

Our AngularJS FlexSheet directive allows you to declaratively create Excel-like Angular spreadsheets, all in markup. Of course, you can also use FlexSheet with other frameworks as well.