Wijmo Angular Framework

TreeGrid for Angular Datagrids

Wijmo's Angular datagrid, FlexGrid, allows you to bind child items to the datagrid, creating a TreeGrid to display your data. TreeGrid supports both bound and an unbound mode, lazy loading of data to increase performance, and importing XML data to display.


Part of our Angular datagrid, Wijmo's TreeGrid controls allows you to display hierarchical data by binding child items within your data to the datagrid.

TreeGrid Demo

TreeGrid Documentation

Unbound TreeGrid

By default,  Angular TreeGrids are bound to a collection of data. If you prefer to work in unbound mode, the datagrid supports the ability to add rows and columns of data through code, keeping the TreeGrid unbound from a data source.

Unbound TreeGrid Demo

Unbound TreeGrid Documentation

Asynchronous Loading

When you need to load a large amount of data and performance is a concern, Wijmo's Angular TreeGrid allows for the implementation of asynchronous loading (or lazy loading). The datagrid will only load in data as nodes are expanded and cells are rendered, reducing load times when the TreeGrid is being rendered.

Lazy Loading Demo

Lazy Loading Documentation

Binding to XML

By using a DOMParser, the Angular TreeGrid can format an XML document to display. The DOMParser turns the XML document into an object, which it then uses to build an array to use as the datagrid's data source.

Binding to XML Demo

Binding to XML Documentation