• High Performance

    FlexGrid is built for speed. Generate apps in seconds with the fastest Angular datagrid. Our rendering is tuned for performance with virtualization on by default and our datagrid module is only about 150KB in size.

  • Written in TypeScript

    FlexGrid is written in TypeScript and we include definitions for our entire API. With TypeScript, you'll get an object-oriented C# feel, design-time error checking, and complete IntelliSense in VSCode.

  • Declarative Markup

    Components in Angular should be fully declarative. We put extra efforts into making sure that FlexGrid can be completely configured and databound in markup.

  • Familiar, Excel-Like Functionality

    Keyboard support, data aggregation, cell merging, star sizing and cell freezing all create an Excel-like experience in FlexGrid. We also support Excel importing/exporting and copy/paste.

  • Limitless Cell Templates

    FlexGrid features Cell Templates that allow you to fully customize any cell. Cell Templates can contain HTML, Angular Components, Binding Expressions and more.

  • Modular Architecture

    FlexGrid includes only the key features in the grid module, which makes it small. We provide extension modules for special features that you can pick and choose from to keep your app small and fast.

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