• Flexible, extensible API

    Your extensive feature set won’t bloat the core control. FlexGrid includes flexible data binding, multi-format export and import, data presentation formatting, and exhaustive samples and customization

  • Small footprint improves performance

    At less than 150 KB, FlexGrid never bloats your web apps

  • Familiar, Excel-like functionality

    Excel-like keyboard support, data aggregation, cell merging, star sizing and cell freezing all create an Excel-like experience

  • First-class framework support

    Angular benefits include declarative markup, cell templates, and data binding; and TypeScript source and samples

  • Written in TypeScript

    With TypeScript, you'll get an object-oriented C# feel, design-time error checking, and complete IntelliSense in Visual Studio

The Best Angular Grid

A good Angular data grid starts with a fundamentally sound grid. FlexGrid includes only the required key features, and offers everything else through an extensibility model. Basic Excel-like features like sorting, grouping, and editing are built-in, while the bells and whistles are optional.

The result is a small, fast, familiar, flexible grid that includes all the benefits of Angular, including:


Fast, high-performance grid

Small footprint

< 150KB

Virtualize DOM

Optimized to rendering for speed
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Large data sets

Capable of binding to millions of records



Forums (24-hour Global Support)
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Templates: Easily integrate templating mechanisms for the framework of your choice
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