The best JavaScript data grid is also the best Angular data grid

Flexible, extensible API

Your extensive feature set won’t bloat the core control. FlexGrid includes flexible data binding, multi-format export and import, data presentation formatting, and exhaustive samples and customization

Small footprint improves performance

At less than 150 KB, FlexGrid never bloats your web apps

Familiar, Excel-like functionality

Excel-like keyboard support, data aggregation, cell merging, star sizing and cell freezing all create an Excel-like experience

First-class framework support

Angular benefits include declarative markup, cell templates, and data binding; and TypeScript source and samples

Written in TypeScript

With TypeScript, you'll get an object-oriented C# feel, design-time error checking, and complete IntelliSense in Visual Studio

The Best Angular Grid

A good Angular data grid starts with a fundamentally sound grid. FlexGrid includes only the required key features, and offers everything else through an extensibility model. Basic Excel-like features like sorting, grouping, and editing are built-in, while the bells and whistles are optional.

The result is a small, fast, familiar, flexible grid that includes all the benefits of Angular 2, including:


Basic Features


Sort out-of-the-box with CollectionView

Cell formatting

Customize cell style and format


Set culture and right-to-left orientation


Next, previous, page size, and more

Multi-cell selection

Mouse-click and gesture support

Freeze cells

Excel-like cell freezing

Flexible data binding

Supports bound and unbound data

REST support

Consume data from REST sources

Flexible features via extensions


Allow users to drill down to details. Includes hide and collapse; embedded grids; input and editing controls; and flexible sizing of detail cells

FlexGrid Filter

Adds full filtering, including filter icons, selection, conditional filtering, and smart filters based on data type


Add drag-and-drop grouping, including data aggregation in group headers, expand and collapse groups, and nested groups

FlexGrid Footer

Add group footer rows and a grid footer to any FlexGrid. Includes non-scrolling footers and custom group rows.

Fast, high-performance grid

Small footprint

< 150KB

Virtualize DOM

Optimized to rendering for speed
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Large data sets

Capable of binding to millions of records


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